Chapter 7

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Hunter's POV:

I woke up to a cold bed and I sighed sadly. I couldnt wait to be able to get up in the mornings with my mate in my arms. To feel him in my arms and watch his peaceful face.

My wolf whined in need, but I shushed him. In time. I cant rush him or I will have to wait longer.

I touched my lips and smiled when I remembered our heated action earlier. The feel of his warm skin against my lips. The delicious scent of his body. The sexy moans and sighs of pleasure. God how I wished I could do more.

I pressed my palm to my arousal and growled in frustration. I just want him to accept me and let me claim him, damn it!

I ran my fingers through my hair roughly before jumping out of my bed. I ignored the shower and the scent of food and went straight out of the house in just my boxers. I wasnt worried about people seeing me nearly naked. Wolves didnt really mind the lack of clothes. Almost everyone in the pack has seen the rest of the wolves naked.

Only some human mates cared about modesty.

I walked through the trees until I was far away from the pack houses. I stripped off my boxers and shifted. Wincing slightly when my bones snapped and popped, shifting into my wolf form.

The pain was worth it though. Letting my wolf free always made me feel so... alive. My wolf whined in happiness as I pranced around through the forest. I jumped over tree stumps, crawled into holes, and barked at squirreles. I was enjoying myself so much.

When I let my wolf free all my worries dissapeared. I let my wolf take control and didnt have a care in the world. It was my escape.

After a few hours running, I shifted back relunctantly into my human form. I was going to be late for class if I didnt hurry and I would not miss a chance to see my mate, damn it.

As I was climbing up the stairs to my room to get changed, I was stopped by my beta, also known as my second in command. Lucas smiled when he saw me.

"Hey, Hunter. I just wanted to saw thanks for changing my brother, man. I really appreciate it and I know he loves being part of the pack now. If it werent for you, he would be dead. I owe you my life."

I smiled back at him and patted him on his back affectionatly. He was like a brother to me and any of his family was my family.

"It was no big deal, Luke. I would do it again in a heartbeat and you dont owe me anything. Su familia es mi familia. Or however you say it."

He laughed and his eyes showed total happiness. He punched me lightly on the arm and smirked.

"Do me another favor?"

I nodded. "Anything."

"Stick to English. Your Spanish is pathetic."

I laughed and mock glared at him.

"Dont forget who your Alpha is, wolf."

He saluted me. "Sir, yes, sir!"

I rolled my eyes and ran to my room, throwing on clothes and rushing out the door. I ignored the calls from Jessica. One guess as to what she wanted.

I sighed as I got into my car and drove to the school. She just didnt get it that I didnt want her. I only used her for sex, and I know that makes me sound like an asshole but she made it so easy!

Shes probably slept with half the pack and acts like shes hot shit and I admit that shes hot, but thats all she is. Try having a decent conversation with her. You will get a migraine within 5 minutes, believe me.

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