Chapter 15

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Soooooo at this point i decided im going to make this story include both Cooper and Jesses story instead of giving Jesse a seperate story... BUT Jesse's part isnt going to be much because its mostly about Cooper excepting Hunter and all that stuffs.... AND i think i am going to write a sequel to this.... You all will just have to wait and see what its going to be about. ENJOY!


Jesse's POV:

Nothing is worse than waking up in a bed, and room, that you don't recognize. It's pretty terrifying.

As I opened my eyes, pain filled my head and a groan slipped past my lips. I blinked my eyes opened rapidedly and rubbed my forehead. Damn, my head hurt.

I already knew I wasn't in my own house by the smell because this place smelled.... clean. My place always had a mix scent of rotten food, dirty clothes, and booze. Not a good smell, I'll tell you.

As I looked around the room cautiously, I took in the details of what I assumed was a hotel room. That thought helped a little. If I was in a hotel then obviously there was ways to escape. Plus the other rooms held people I could go to get help.

As the sleep filled haze cleared from my head, I heard the soft murmer of someone talking in the bathroom off to my left. The person sounded calm, yet assertive and it sent a shot of desire straight through my body. What the hell?

I ignored my body as I slid out of the bed as quietly as possible. My bare feet were cushioned by the soft carpet and I padded slowly towards the door. Unfortunately, the door was placed on the other side of the room from the bed. Past the bathroom door.

I bit my lip in frustration, but I knew it was my only chance at escape. I didn't remember anything last night, but obviously I was kidnapped. Either way, I didn't want to wait around to see what my kidnapper had planned for me. He was probably just going to kill me.

I wasn't going down without a fight.

As I creeped closer to my escape, I noticed the bathroom door slightly ajar. It couldn't be easy. I closed my eyes and slipped closer to the door, resisting the urge to take a peak inside the room. As I made it past the bathroom, a sigh of relief slipped past my lips. I resisted the urge to fist pump.

I'm like a freaking ninja, oh ya!

I did a small happy dance, but was cut short by a husky deep laugh. Oh shit.

I froze and made a quick decision. I darted towards freedom, my hand grasping the door knob. Until a strong arm wrapped around my waist and I was spun around. My gasp was cut short as I got a view of the most sexy guy ever.

I small moan left my lips and the sex god in front of me smirked. I furrowed my eyebrows and glared at him. Arrogant fucker. He knew how hot he ways.

He chuckled again and used his hand to stroke lightly over my cheek. I nearly panted as his ocean blue eyes locked on mine. I got the deep impression I could stare into his eyes for hours.

I shook that thought away. He was my kidnapper and I was fantasiizing about looking into his eyes? Get it together Jesse.

"Hello, little mate."

His baratone voice washed over me and my eyes dropped with lust. Then his words broke through my senses. My eyes widened.

Oh shit he's a werewolf.

Coopers POV:

I waited all day. I sat in my room doing whatever I could to pass the time. I showered, watched tv, and I even did that homework i told Hunt I would do because I definitely was not getting that extra credit anytime soon.

Finally, my fate was unavoidable. I had to face the beast. My horn dog of a mate. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't a little bit scared.

I paced my room anxiously as I recalled the threats yelled outside my door as soon as Hunter got his sexually frustrated body out of bed. Nothing too bad.  Just a lot of spanking threats. A couple no touching warnings which I didn't believe. Oh and my favorite, the 'I'll make you write a 1,000 word essay on why it is not a good idea to leave your mate horny' promise. That one made me laugh.

Oh come on Cooper, how bad could it be? He wont hurt you, that was obvious. He's probably really mad.

That thought made me upset. I didn't want to make him angry at me. In fact, the thought that he was mad at me made me want to go apologize a dozen times and beg for his forgiveness.

I laughed at that. He would probably forgive me real quick if I finished where we left off...

I shook myself and headed for the door. Now is not the time to get a hard on when the one person who can help is pissed.

Before I lost my courage, I shoved open my door and stormed down the stairs. It was his fault! He only wants sex and he's so freaking hot I can't say no!! Why can't he be ugly? And fat? And hairy?

Well he kinda is hairy... And muscular.... And sexy... And wild...

My breathe left me in a rush as I slammed into a brick wall. My ass hit the floor fast and I looked up to growl at whatever got in my way, Only to freeze is fear.

That is one scary looking fucker.

Cold, ice blue eyes glared down at me. I immediately shrank back away. Oh my gosh, he's going to eat me.


NEW GUY! NEW HOT GUY! NEW HOT MEAN GUY! But i love this guy <3


*can anyone guess why Jesse knows about werewolf? And why his father beats him?

Same amount of comments and votes :) I love you, my puppies!


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