Chapter 14

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Oh my gosh u guys r awesome :D heres Jesse and Lucas part... some of u had some good ideas and I appreciated it, yet the majority of u wanted jes and luke to hav a part so here it is! Dont hate on Tyler people hes just misunderstood! haha of course u dont know y but i do... >:) I have plans for Tyler dont u worry. Enjoy my little sexy perverts!


Lucas' POV:   :D

Staring up at the mansion style house was like looking at a view of my future. My future was in this house right now. Waiting for me to come save him from the dreaded situation he has been suffering through. Waiting for me to save him. He just didn't know it yet.

I snuck around the house, ignoring the soft coolness of the rain droplets landing on my exposed chest, arms, and face. I reached the back and sniffed the air. The fresh scent of rain invaded my senses, but I shoved it aside, focusing on the faint trace of my mate. Jesse.

I refrained from howling in pleasure of having my mate so close as I sniffed again, searching for any other male scent. I smelt none and assumed the asshole of a father hadn't been in the house for at least a couple of days.

My wolf cried in need. A need for my mate and the urge to claim him. Finally, when I couldn't take it anymore, I unleashed my claws and crouched low before volting my body to the window ledge easily. I dug my claws in and used my other hand to unlatch the lock, swinging my body into the room. A little braking and entering never hurt anyone.

I looked around the room and all I saw was piles and piles of filth. Broken beer bottles, dirty plates, half eaten food, and dirty laundry littered the floors and on any availible surfaces. I had to plug my nose from the stench of decaying food and male filth that overpowered my sensitive wolf nose.

I'm guessing I found the father's room.

Leaving was my first priority as I leapt for the door and stumbled into the hall way. I crashed into the vase by the door and flinched when I heard the shattering of the glass. I knew Jesse was in here somewhere and I froze, listening intently to hear for any movement. Nothing.

I breathed a sigh of relief and I shook my body and hair like a wet dog, trying to dry myself a little bit. I gave up and slipped out of my shoes as I sniffed the air again. I caught a stronger scent of Jesse and my wolf paced happily. I followed the scent to a partially closed door and my mate's scent dominated the room.

I heard soft breathing in the room and I couldn't stop my curiousity from peeking. I slowly nudged the door open and stuck my head in to look for potential threats. Seeing none, I looked towards the bed and saw the most amazing sight of my life.

The small, vulnerable body of my precious mate laying in the middle of the bed. The sheets were kicked off his body and he lay in only a pair of sweats sprawled out on his back. His mess of blonde hair fluttered over the pillows around his head, and his tan athletic chest rose and fell in paced increments with his breathing.

My eyes locked on his body and my feet padded softly through the soft carpeting without my control as I drifter towards the wonderful being before me. Before I knew it, I was standing above the angel as I got a closer look at him.

I watched as his eyelids fluttered occasionally with whatever dream he was having. His full lips were partly open with his breaving and I saw a scattering of light bruises across his cheeks and on his chest and arms. His hands were clenched in the sheets around him like he was using them as a comfort blanket.

I couldn't contain myself as I sat down softly on the bed by his hip. I froze as his head moved, but he just turned it away from me and continued to sleep. I slowly reached out my hand to touch his arm, and sparks immediately coursed through my body.

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