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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 13

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If your looking for another boyxboy story then read the story "The Greatest Challenge" by MattAttack... it's my new addiction and I want him to upload soo :D It's freaking amazing <3


Cooper's POV:

Hunter finally relaxed somewhat as he backed up towards me and rubbed against my hand. I ran my fingers through his soft fur and he rubbed against me lovingly. I was so lost in the feeling of him against me that I didn't realize him shifting before I felt his smooth skin. I looked down to see him crouched on the ground as I rubbed his back before he stood up with a wince.

I looked at him in concern and then I saw the marks. Bruises and cuts scattered his face and entire body. I bit my lip in sympathy before remembering the reason they were there. I immediately grabbed a pillow and started wacking him with it in anger. Not too hard, but hard enough to get the point across.

I was pissed.

I kept hitting him until he finally snatched the pillow out of my hand and yanked me close. I started to struggle against him, but he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tight against him. I continued to glare at him as he frowned down at me.

"What the hell was that, baby?"

"Don't you 'baby' me! I'm pissed!"

"Obviously." He mumbled. I still heard him.

I began cussing him out as I hit anything I could reach. He sighed loudly and grabbed both my wrists before trapping them behind me. He held both my wrists with one of his hands and he used the other to push a stray piece of hair behind my ear.

After a few minutes, I finally calmed down, breathing heavy from exertion and anger. I saw the worry in his eye and I relaxed fully.

"Stop being so damn possessive, Hunt. You could have gotten killed, you know that?"

Hunter smiled lazily at me before he kissed me softly on the lips. I frowned at him and looked into his eyes, but he just smiled. He leaned down and kissed me again, but he licked my bottom lip this time, asking for entrance.

I moaned softly as his tongue sweeped into my mouth, teasing mine and tracing the inside of my mouth. I tried to lift my hands to grab his hair, but they were still restrained behind my back. I tugged them in Hunter's grip, but he just tightened it. I felt an overwhelming sense of need for my man and I thrust my body closer to his, whimpering in need.

He caught the sound in his throat and growled approvingly before attacking my neck with his mouth. He found my soft spot immediately and sucked on it hard. I couldn't stop the needy groans from escaping my mouth as I grinded my clothed body against his naked one.

I jerked my body away from his as I just realized his state of undress. I took a couple steps away and heard a throat clearing to my left. I snapped my head up to see the pixie looking at me in amusement. A deep blush filled my cheeks as I realized she had just saw me pretty much dry humping Hunter in need.

I took a step in front of Hunter, shielding his nakedness from the pervert girl. She just laughed and I heard Hunter chuckle too. He put his large hands on my shoulders and kissed my cheek in affection.

"Cooper, baby, we are werewolves. We are used to seeing eachother naked when we run together during full moons. Modesty means nothing to shifters. Julie's seen everything already, so don't worry."

I little spark of jelousy ran through me at the thought of all the horny, slutty shewolfs seeing my man naked. I shook the feeling off as I stared at the girl. The pixie, Julie was her name, popped the popsicle back in her mouth as she looked at me as if I was a puzzle. I ignored her and looked over to see Lucas still attached to my shirt.

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