Chapter 21

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Jesse's POV:

Aren't all men suppose to be mechanically inclined?

I huffed and sat on a nearby rock, watching as Lucas again looked under the hood of the car. I watched as he stuck his hand in the engine, and started moving things around before quickly jerking his hand back with a hiss. Must be hot.

The copious amount of steam emmiting from the engine backed up the theory that we were weren't getting to the pack house anytime soon. From the look of it, Luke didn't know what the hell he was doing. This would be no big deal normally, but since we were about a thousand miles away from the house, we couldn't even call Cooper to pick us up.

Stupid paranoid dog.

Considering the fact that my house os only 10 minutes from Coopers, Luke could have easily gotten a hotel room near the house. But no, he was too worried that my dad would find us and cause trouble.

Now we have new trouble.

I blinked and brought myself back to the present as cool water hit my cheek. I heard Luke curse as I looked up in the sky. Another drop hit my face, and I chuckled humorlessly. Now the rain starts.

"Any bright ideas, mate?" I said the last part sarcastically as the rain started falling harder.

"I'm working on it." He growled at me as he shielded his eyes, and grabbed his phone from his pocket.

"Well I'll just wait here while you think."

Lucas ignored me and looked at his phone. His jaw clenched and he started walking around, raising the phone in the air like that would suddenly give the phone service.

"There's no service."

"Wow. Someone's observant."

"If I hear one more sarcastic word from your mouth, I'm going to punish you." I gaped at him.

"What? Are you going to set me in a corner with no dessert...."

"No, I'm going to turn you over my knee and tan your smart ass." That shut me up. "Better. Now come on, we need to find shelter. There's no point in waiting around for help, it's going to get dark soon."

"Why can't we just stay in the car? Wouldn't that be smarter?"

"Considering the fact that there is smoke coming from the car, maybe staying in there isn't the most bright idea. I don't want to blow up." Good point.


I stood up, and followed Luke to the back of the car. He opened the trunk, and started pulling out supplies like granola bars, a jug of water, a flashlight, and a sleeping bag. One.

I hope he plans on sleeping on the gound then. If he touches me again like in the hotel room then I won't be able to stop him. I won't want him to stop.

When I tried to help him carry it, he just shook his head and winked at me. "You just focus on not tripping and hurting yourself, babe. The forest can be a tough maze."

I opened my mouth to complain, but I just nodded and followed after him. My body still ached from the resent beating my lovely father gave me. Thanks, daddy.


One hour.

It took us one hour to find somewhere to take shelter. One hour stumbling and cursing through the stupid forest as Lucas just chuckled and strode over all the knarled roots and branches like they weren't even there.

My feet hurt, my body was wet from the rain, and my eyes were droopy from exhaustion. I just wanted to lay down on my lumpy matress, and sleep for the next week.

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