Puppy Love (BoyxBoy, Teacher/Student)

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My first boyxboy story so if this subject doesnt appeal to you then dont read :) i dont want any negative Nancys reading my story -.- All in all this story is a teacher/student/werewolf/boyxboy/hot/sexy/epically awesome/love story :D so enjoooooooy!!!!!!!!!!

Cooper's POV:

"Coop...Cooper...COOPER RYAN! Wake up!"

My head shot up at the sound of yelling and immediately connected with something hard. I heard someone groan in pain as I brinked the sleep from my eyes. I looked to see my best friend, Jesse, on the floor in pain and I smirked feeling very accomplished. Serves him right for waking me up.

My eyes assess him as he lays there dramatically. I've known Jesse since the beginning of high school when I stood up to a bunch of jocks that were picking on him for being gay. I know what it's like to be judged for my sexual preference and I know how much it sucks to have to listen to the dumb jocks who feel it's their jobs to point out that God would never love a fag. Well God wouldn't have made me gay if he didn't love me so screw them and their stupid logic.

Jesse glared up at me as he rubbed his head while I continued looking at him. He was actually really handsome with his Leonardo Dicaprio looks and his 'I know Im hot' trademark smile. He was a little shorter than my 5 foot 11 inches and he was more thin. We were almost complete opposites in looks, but equally sexy if I do say so myself. While he had blonde hair and blue eyes with a skinny build, I flaunted a more swimmers body with a slight amount of muscles and longish brown hair and hazel eyes.

He stood up and winced slightly and I laughed as I saw the target shaped red mark on his forehead. He took a step towards me and raised his fist with evil intentions, but an unfamiliar male voice stopped his action completely. The voice also suceeded in sending shivers down my back and my eyes lids drop in arousal.

"Young man, I do not tolerate violence in my class. Take your seat immediately, and if I have to talk to you again, I'll send you to the principles office. Do I make myself clear?"

The primal male demand had me almost panting in need as I turned my head to the source of the voice. My eyes widened in amazement as I got a good look at our new teacher. The first thing I thought when i saw him was 'this guy is ALL man'.

His body was packed with muscles, but not the gross bodybuilder muscles. The sexy 'yes i work out at the gym everyday' muscles that makes you want to kiss, lick, and bite every inch. His tight black shirt stretched nicly over his chest and his tight yet not too tight pants left just enough to the imagination that was needed to have you thinking naughty thoughts.

I dragged my eyes slowly and relunctantly up his glorious body as I felt his eyes on me. My eyes meet his and I saw him smirk knowingly. His almost black eyes stared back at me and his whole look was completed with a small mass of black hair covering his head.

"I- he- but- you- what - that's not fair! Cooper hit me first! You should yell at him!"

Jesse's stutter drew my attention from my sexy new teacher and I gaped at him. He woke me up! It's his fault he was standing so close! I was about to tell him that, but I was interupted by Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome.

"I believe Mr. Ryan was sleeping when you woke him up and he naged his head with yours. Now if Mr. Ryan wasnt sleeping in my class anyway, this whole situation could have been avoided. So, Mr. Ryan," His eyes shifted to me and I quickly averted my eyes from his chest to meet his eyes. I wasnt quick enough though because I saw his face go hard as his eyes flashed briefly with lust and a soft growl escaped his throat. Wait, a growl? Oh thats hot...

"So, Mr. Ryan, if you fall asleep in my class again, I will give you detention with me after school for a week. Do I make myself clear?"

My mouth dropped open in shock and I glared at him. "That's so unfair! I...."

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