Chapter 8

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Cooper's POV:

When I finally woke up, I couldnt move. The soreness was too much for my still exhausted body. I looked over at the clock and saw it was 2 pm on friday. It was way too late to go to school so I decided to just lie there for a little while.

I sighed when I realized I had slept about 23 hours. It had been about a day since the attack and I shuttered when I realized the magnitude of my wounds. I must have really lost consciousness for a while, probably from the blows to the head I received.

After about an hour, I was still debating whether or not to get up. The choice was taken from me when I heard a knock at my door, but I decided to ignore it. Whoever it was could come back later. My body wouldnt let me get up just to entertain a visitor.

I closed my eyes and ignored the second knock. The visitor would probably figure I wasnt home and would dissapear, just the way I like it.

Sadly, luck wasnt with me today.

More knocking, no pounding, on the door continued and after a few minutes, it looked like the person wouldnt go away. I just wanted the noises to stop so I rolled, and I do mean rolled, off the couch and somehow managed to stand up straight.

I clenched my teeth when my bruised ribs protested me standing up. I shuffled and hobbled to the door before throwing it open, scowling at the person.

My first thought was that I must be dreaming.

Standing there was a very concerned Hunter. I rubbed my blurry eyes and blinked, thinking I must be dreaming.

No way was Hunter, my freaking teacher, here at my house. I hadnt even thought he knew my address...

As soon as I opened my mouth to ask what the hell he was doing here, his expression changed. His eyes showed concern, pain, and a whole lot of anger. A whole lot.

He grabbed me around the waist suddenly and without thought I cried out loudly, clutching my ribs tightly.

Damn that hurt.

He dropped his arms like I was on fire and his expression darkened. He pointed to the couch.

"Go lay down. Right now."

I started to argue, but my mouth closed when I saw the anger flare brighter on his face.

"Now." He growled lowly, demanding obediance and hell if I was gonna fight him.

I needed to lay down anyway, my body was hurting bad.

I shruffled back towards the couch with Hunter's arm lightly but firmly wrapped around my upper arm. He helped lower me down on my back and he grabbed my legs to place them on the couch too.

He didnt say a word as he walked out of the living room, searching for something. I watched as he came back into the room with a wash cloth, a bucket of water, and some giant white bandages. He set them on the floor and walked away again. Never once did he say a word while doing this.

He came back a second time with some more stuff including a glass of water, a bag of crackers, and some pills for my pain.

He handed me the pills and I popped them in my mouth before he brought the glass up to my lips. I looked into his eyes while slowly sipping the cool liquid, drinking it all. I didnt know I was that thirsty.

He got up and refilled the glass before setting it down on the floor and grabbing the food.

"Open your mouth." He said softly but firmly. I obeyed without hesitation, too tired to fight him.

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