3) James

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James pov

"Sorry beautiful I guess I should watch where I'm going around someone as hot as you.(;" I said as I bumped into Kayla.

"oh hey James that's ok." she said

"do you wanna cone hangout at my place? It's fish stick Friday!"

"sure im gonna just change first. Be there in 10 minutes"

I walk into my apartment and play videogames with Logan for a few minutes while we wait.


Logan: "whos that?"

Kayla pov~~

James asked me to come over so I changed into jeans and a blue tanktop. I walk over and knock on the door.

"who is it?" I think that was Logan but I haven't really talked to him yet. "It's Kayla" I yelled back "come in" James said.

I walked through the door and was engulfed in a hug by James.

"James...need...breathe." "oh sorry." he rubs the back of his neck nervously. "well dinners gonna be done in like a hour so you wanna watch a movie or something til then?"

"sure what do you got?"

He walks towards the tv and pulls out a big stack of movies. "we got austin powers, mean girls, hairspray, "

"can we watch mean girls??" I got all excited when he finally said yes. "yayyy!!" I ran and jumped on the couch. Logan was about to walk to his room (well I figured) and asked him if wanted to watch it with us?

Out of the corner of my eye I could see James shaking his head to get him to say no.

"no that's ok you two go ahead and watch it." Logan said

"oh come on I don't mind it'll be fun. Please?" I gave my puppy dog eyes that noone can resist. "ok fine I'll watch" Logan said and sat down on the other half of the couch on the other side of James. I got up and sat in-between them & James hit play on the DVD player.

This will be an interesting night...


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