18) let's celebrate

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Kendall's pov

The guys and I leave Kayla and Alissa in their apartment, following James back to our own. We decided we were going to throw a party to celebrate Kayla getting to stay longer.  I'm still trying to figure out what James meant when I overheard him whisper in the car on the way back to the apartment.  What's so frustrating for him? Today's supposed to be a good day and he seems to be in a weird mood now.

Back in the apartment I took James into my bedroom to talk about this afternoon.
"Hey man so what were you talking about earlier?" I question him, while he looks at his feet and grabbing his left arm with his right.

"It's nothing. Let's just forget it happened." He said. But that's not enough for me. I'm not letting this slide without an actual explanation.

"We both know it's not nothing. Whatever it is, you can tell me, I won't tell the guys." I say as I grip his shoulder in my hand.

"It's not just something the guys can't hear about. It's.." he paused. "It's about Kayla."  Now I'm confused. And the look on my face shows him that I am. "Kendall, I like Kayla. I've liked her since she got first got here. And over the last few months, I've tried to kick this feeling out of my mind, but it won't go away. And I thought bringing Alissa out here, and getting her to stay, all of this whole surprise being my idea, I just thought she'd understand how I feel." He sighed, pausing for a moment. "She barely even acknowledged the fact that I did all of this for her. She thought it was Logan's idea. But it wasn't! Dude it was me and she didn't care! She only sees all the good things as things Logan does but he doesn't do them! How are they together? How did he get her? He treated her so poorly and she went right back to him like it was nothing!  I just can't stand seeing them together anymore it's just too hard." His voice picked up louder as he started getting more passion in his words. He really cares about Kayla and has some strong feelings. I do feel bad for him having to be in this position. Having to watch one of your best friends date the girl you like, and seeing him treat her poorly and still getting her must be hard.

"Wow." That's all I could think to say.
"I know man. I don't know what to do anymore." James sighs. I start to think of how to go around this whole situation.
"Okay I think I know how to help you." I said before sitting down on the end of my bed and he sits beside me.

Kayla's pov(right after they got back from the airport)

The guys told me and Alissa to meet them over at their apartment at 7, giving us 3 hours to unpack and hang out. Luckily my bedroom was big enough to fit two beds, and space enough for walking around.

After an hour, we got Alissa's bed set up and we were sitting on our beds folding laundry to put away.
"I'm so excited. I can't believe this is real." I say setting down my shorts I folded.

"I know. This is crazy, I got dragged out to LA to deal with your craziness for another year." She giggles. Wow I've missed her and her humor. We're definitely nothing less than best friends.

"Wow so mean to me." I roll my eyes and throw a shirt at her, hitting her in the face.

"So what's up with that Carlos guy?" She's asks. "Ooh why you like him?" I give her a smirk as she hides her face so I don't see her blush. "Oh my god you do like him!" I exclaim. She rushed to my bed and covered my mouth, hoping I wasn't too loud that the boys next door could hear.

"Oh don't worry you have to be really loud to be heard next door." I laugh at the expression on her face.

"Okay good," Alissa says, "so what about you and Logan? You guys seem cute together." She gives me a look.

"Everything's good with us. I mean we had a rough start but it's been good for awhile." I say smiling thinking about Logan and my relationship. "I just can't believe he got you here and made it so I can stay, like that's so incredible. He's so amazing." I finish.

"What do you mean Logan got me here?" Alissa gives me a look. "James is the one that had the idea, he called me, your dad, and he even had me talk to your mom about you staying. He explained everything to me. How it was so sad you were leaving, and the dinner you Guys all had the other night where everyone was sad you were leaving. He came up with the whole idea." She looked at me very confused. Then it was my turn to give her a confused look.

Was that all true? If it is, then why did Logan take credit when I thanked him? I'm so confused. I looked down at my phone noticing that it's 6:45. "Oh dang we should probably get ready to go by the guys." I state as I jump off the bed and find something to wear. I grab a light purple basic tank top and some skinny jeans. I got changed in the bathroom, and when I came out Alissa had changed into a grey hoodie and some dark wash shorts. We fix our makeup before heading out the apartment door. We knock on the boys apartment door and waited a minute before hearing someone call out "Just a second." There was a rustling inside the apartment before the door slowly creeped open to reveal a darkened living room.

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