Camp Rush // Big Time Rush by TakeShelter
Camp Rush // Big Time Rushby E.
What happens when one city girl gets selected as a camp counselor at a summer camp miles away and she finds out that the only other counselors are 5 guys? Read more to f...
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Big time new girl? by kaylaa__18
Big time new girl?by Kayla
What happens when a girl meets her dad only to find out he works with the one and only Big Time Rush? Will she survive the craziness of LA? Will she find love she wasn't...
  • time
  • logan
  • maslow
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Private School Life. by TakeShelter
Private School E.
Your parents sent you away to a private school, the same one as your cousin James is going to. Trying to survive private school life with a little help from him and his...
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Found in the Crowd ➳ Logan Henderson by SparkyTheKitten
Found in the Crowd ➳ Logan melody
DISCLAIMER: I wrote this when I was 13/14... It needs editing but other than that I believe it's a good read ;) Others in the series: Can Love Survive? The Final Piece W...
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VENEZOLANÍSIMO | cosas típicas que pasan en mí país. sí, ese que se hunde en la mierda mientras todos nos reímos. LILIANA© 2O18.
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All American - Peña - Narcos by tactiboolin
All American - Peña - Narcosby boolin
FORMERLY TAXPAYER DOLLARS I'm an indecisive turd about titles. ◇◇◇ This isn't CIA agent Sloane Redding's first rodeo. She's seen some of the worst places in the world, a...
  • pedropascal
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Big time rush ageplay by Priceisrightrusher
Big time rush ageplayby Priceisrightrusher
Q/A sess
  • daddy
  • jarlos
  • ageplay
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BAD LIAR ▸ NARCOS by startedajoke
"we're just colleagues." "well 'colleagues' don't look at each other like that." taking memories from the show, replacing them with my own. [be...
  • liar
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Kendall Schmidt One Shots (on hold) by TakeShelter
Kendall Schmidt One Shots (on hold)by E.
A collection of Kendall Schmidt One Shots! Requests are OPEN!
  • rush
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Anti American by tactiboolin
Anti Americanby boolin
A prequel about everyone's favorite cartel kingpin and CIA agent with questionable loyalties. ◇◇◇ It's the eighties and Sloane Redding is the CIA's hottest new commodity...
  • narcos
  • javier
  • pena
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HIJRAH by thesoulvoices
HIJRAHby #tsvnotes
Berpenatlah di dunia Asal dapat berehat di akhirat sana
  • islam
  • puisi
  • hijrah
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Trasparenze by rivoluzionarioAR
Trasparenzeby rivoluzionarioAR
TRASPARENZE illuminazioni rivoluzionarie
  • danza
  • poeta
  • colori
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SAJAK by Salcha_Sya
SAJAKby Salcha_Sya
Goreslah kata dengan pena Senandungkan rasa dengan lagu Agar orang yang membaca dan mendengar tahu Arti rasa dan hatimu ❤
  • pena
  • sajak
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BTR & 1D ageplay by Priceisrightrusher
BTR & 1D ageplayby Priceisrightrusher
Okay I am going to do age play request with the four members of one direction and big time rush if you want Zayn included just tell me. Plus if you want whoever is the p...
  • pena
  • btr
  • logan
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bread and water | narcos  by krooscontrol
bread and water | narcos by Jesus/issHey
Marlid Rojas, Interpol double agent, returns back to her native country of Colombia to help bring down Pablo Escobar and his fellow cartel leaders. She's stone-cold, br...
  • narcos
  • girl
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#PutoJavier by soficrack91
#PutoJavierby Sofi 7u7
(porfavor no te ofendas si te llamas javier yo me refiero a un compañero de clase) en esta historia van a ver como el puto de javier me hizo declararme a mi crush ;c
  • putojavier
  • romancejuvenil
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Pokémon Caos 5 - Team Flare Parte 2 by NatsuKirigaya
Pokémon Caos 5 - Team Flare Parte 2by Gabriel
5º Parte da minha fanfic de Pokémon Caos. (Quem descobrir o que diz o tag mais grande ganha... algo? ganha algo mas ainda não sei o quê...)
  • drasna
  • yveltal
  • vale
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Una Verdad Oculta(Segunda Temporada de Instituto De Zorras) by ambermaslow
Una Verdad Oculta(Segunda jennymar tablante
no siempre los finales son felices
  • btrfanfic
  • tn
  • loganhenderson
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One Splash || Carlos Pena Jr. by -halcyon
One Splash || Carlos Pena real slim shady
Alexa Vega is a born starlit. When one day she get splashed by a stranger at the Palm Woods pool, will things ever be the same?
  • kendall
  • maslow
  • james
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Lucita [Narcos] [Javier Peña x OC One Shot] by things-I-love
Lucita [Narcos] [Javier Peña x things-I-love
Narcos - OneShot - Javier Peña x OC "She could see his lips moving at least. But she didn't understand what he was saying. She could blame it on the loud music. Sh...
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