16) The End

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*Kayla's pov*

"All good things must come to an end right?" I ask Logan and the guys while we're all eating dinner at the boys apartment.

"I don't want this to end." James said while looking down at his plate of spaghetti.
"Yeah Kayla, you can't go back to Michigan. I'm going to miss you too much." Said Logan as he grabbed my hand and gave me big puppy dog eyes.

"It's the end of the summer and I have to go back to school you guys" I took my hand away from Logan's and continued to eat, "besides I told you me staying here was temporary.  I miss my mom, Jason, and my friends. I have barely talked to my best friend Alissa in months and it's starting to make me sad."

As great as these last few months have been, I'm 16 and I need my best friend. I haven't gone to school without Alissa since we were in the third grade when she helped me up after I fell off the swings. I can't imagine not seeing her every day while we barely listen in class and gossip about all the drama that's happening. And especially not celebrating turning 17 together, we always party together since her birthday is only a few days before mine.

I get up to wash my plate from dinner before turning back to talk to the guys. "You know how much I care about all you guys but a teenage girl needs her best friend," I say sadly turning my head down. "I'm going to go back to my apartment to pack some more before bed."

"Kayla wait.." I heard Kendall say but I was already out the door.

*James' pov*

I feel so sad for Kayla. She's lonely without that Alissa friend of hers. I don't want to see her leave, I mean I know she's still dating Logan but let's be real here, I'm still into her. She's so beautiful and getting to know her more, I've come to learn how truly amazing she is.  She's so caring and sweet, she would do anything for any of her friends.  That gives me an idea actually..

"Hey guys, I have an idea that would for sure get Kayla to stay if it works the way I'm hoping." I say to the guys, a smile growing on my face.

"I'll do anything that'll get her to stay!" Logan stayed eagerly.  I know that's his girlfriend and all but, I can't help but feel jealous whenever I see them together, or either of them talk about the other. They've spent a lot of time together going out on dates the past couple of months and it hurts to see. I don't want to hurt their relationship since they're two of my best friends, but I can't help but hope that maybe something will happen between them that will give me a chance to show her how much I care about her.

"What's your idea James?"  Carlos says, while all the guys give me a look to show they wanted me to tell them my idea.

"Well here's what I was thinking.."


Hey everyone! How's this new chapter?? I was hoping to maybe get a few of you booked with the title, a little confusion about if I was ending the story or not, but I'm definitely not! I hope this chapter lives up to what you were expecting!

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