9) Do you want to...?

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I went to the lobby and sat waiting for Logan to come down. Jo came over and we talked for a few minutes when the elevator dinged and I turned around to see Logan walking over wearing black pants and a plain blue button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up half way. He was also wearing hi tops so I guess that's his 'casual' part of the outfit.

"Wow, you look beautiful!" Logan was looking down at my outfit which was a blue hi-low skirt with a white crop top tucked in to the skirt with a black belt. My hair was straightened and held back on the one side.

"Thanks." I felt a blush rush to my cheeks when his eyes met mine. We stood staring at each other for a moment before he said "So, shall we?" and extended his arm for me to loop with mine.

We got into a taxi that was waiting out front and rode in awkward silence for about 10 minutes before I finally spoke.

"So where are we going?" I asked him.

"It's a surprise" he gave me a slight wink and chuckled.

"Come on please tell me" I whined and gave him my best puppy dog eyes that no one could resist.

"No I told you, it's a surprise. Now stop giving me that look." He looked out the window.

I set my hands down on the seat and looked out my window trying to figure out where he's taking me. I felt the seat move a bit and felt Logan's hand brush mine. I looked over to see him still looking outside. His hand was still moving around mine and I looked down to see his hand stop right next to mine where our pinkies were touching ever so slightly.

I know Logan's shy, so I decided to slowly grab his hand and intertwine our fingers. He looked at our hands then up at me and smiled. The rest of the ride was comfortable and took about 20 minutes.

When the taxi stopped, I looked up to see a semi-fancy nicely decorated restaurant. The outside was brick with red awnings over the door and windows. The atmosphere felt sophisticated, yet nice and pleasant. We walked inside up to the man that seats you. Logan told him our reservation and he took us to a little table near the side windows. The man pulled out my chair for me then gave us each a menu asking us what we would like to drink. We both got waters and the man walked away and came back a few minutes later with our water and said our waitress will be around soon.

"So what are you going to order?" Logan asked me, looking up from his menu.

"Um I was thinking about getting the the salmon with the small salad, what about you?" I said scanning over the menu again.

"Same, it sounds good."

The waitress came over after a few more minutes. She looked to be around her mid thirties and had brown hair that was tied up in a ponytail. She took our order and took it up to the kitchen.

We made small talk while we waited for our food and learned a few new things about each other like our favorite books, movies and foods.

Our waitress came over with our two meals and we began to eat. We ate in a comfortable silence and finished in like 30 minutes.

After paying for our meal and leaving a tip, we walked outside and Logan called another taxi.

"So are we going back to the Palmwoods now?" I asked him.

"No I have one more place for us to go first." He told me when a taxi finally pulled up and we hopped in.

We talked some more and pulled up to a beach that looked pretty empty.

"What are we doing here?" I looked over at him as he was paying the cab driver. "I thought it would be nice to walk along the beach. What do you think?" He looked at me then over to the water that was rushing in and out off the beach. "Yeah that's fine." I could feel the smile growing on my face. Logan is such a sweet guy I'm so happy he asked me out today.

I took my shoes off and set them down by the parking lot and ran down to the water. Logan did the same and rolled up his pant legs and ran down to me. He grabbed me and lifted me off the ground spinning me around from behind. He stopped for a minute and looked at the water, then looked at me with a mischievous grin.

I knew what he was planning to do and I did not want to be thrown into the water.

"No Logan stop! Logan no, please no. Don't throw me in there!" I tried pleading with him. He eventually stopped and put me down and looked at me.

"You didn't really think I'd throw you in there did you? I'd have to take you home like that and then everyone would ask me why you're wet and we don't want that" He laughed at me. "That's not funny Logan!" I told him and started laughing as well.

He grabbed my hand and we started walking down the beach feeling the waves brush across our feet. We talked for what seemed like hours.

Suddenly Logan stopped walking and just looked at me. I turned to face him as well.

"Why did you stop?" I asked him. He grabbed my other hand so he was now holding on them both and looked down at me. Looking in my eyes he said "You just look so beautiful right now in the moonlight. I was so happy when you said yes to me this morning. I couldn't stop smiling all afternoon. I really like you and we've become really close the last few days and I feel like I've known you for months or years even. So now I would like to ask you something really important. Kayla," He looked right in my eyes "I really like you and I want to know.. Do you want to..be my girlfriend?"

He stared into my eyes and I could see that he was sincere in every word he said. "Logan, I really like you too. So of course, yes I would love to be your girlfriend!" I said as the smile on my face grew and grew. I could see Logan's face light up brighter than I've ever seen it before. He picked me up and spun me around and I began laughing.

He stopped and put me down and looked me in my eyes. I could see him start to lean down. I began to lean up and our lips slowly connected and it was the best kiss I have ever felt.

After the kiss, we stared into each others eyes for a few more minutes before deciding it was getting late. We walked back to where our shoes were and put them back on and Logan called a cab company from his phone.

Around 10 minutes later a cab pulled up and we hopped in. After the long ride we finally pulled up to the Palmwoods.

We walked up to our rooms floor and stopped in front of my door.

"I had a great time tonight Logan" I told him genuinely feeling happy.

"Me too. I'm glad you agreed to go out with me." He leaned down and kissed me once more before saying goodbye and going into our separate apartments.

I walked into my bedroom and changed into my pajamas. I layed in bed thinking over everything that happened tonight and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

-Logan's pov-

After saying goodnight to Kayla I walked back to my apartment. I looked around and noticed all the guys still awake on the couch. I said goodnight to the guys before they could give me the third degree about my date and quickly went to my room. I changed into my pajamas and layed in bed just thinking about everything that happened tonight.

And fell asleep with a smile on my face.


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