1) Meeting dad

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"Mom! Do I have to go???" I whined as I arrived at the airport.

"yes now get your butt on that plane and I'll call you tomorrow."

I get on the plane and get ready for my 5 hour flight to Los angeles. I put in my headphones and fall asleep. Soon enough we land and I step off the plane to a strangely cool airport considering it's the end of May. I look around and sure enough there he is. My father Gustavo. "Kayla!! Over here! Hurry up I gotta get back to the studio!!" he says angrily. Wow this will a be a long summer.


After 30 minutes we arrived at the studio. He makes me go sit in his office while he has to work with ANOTHER boyband. After awhile I got bored so I decided to look around. I saw a dance studio and walked inside and look around. That's when I saw four guys lying on the ground, looking like they're ready to die.

I cleared my throat and they all turned their heads upwards the door I stood at. The one with short black hair jumped up grabbed my hand shook it

"Hi, I'm Carlos!" he said then patted his helmet..? The tall one came next. "I'm James, the pretty one;)" To me he seemed a little too focused on his appearance but I should get to know him first.

Next was a shorter one. "Hello. I'm Logan, the smart one as some would say." he shook my hand and I looked into his beautiful brown eyes and melted. Next was tall with blonde hair and amazing green eyes. "Hi I'm Kendall." He said. "nice to meet you, I'm Kayla. I'm gustavos daughter. & you didn't have to introduce yourselves I love your song Worldwide I listen to it all the time."

"Kayla get in the car! I'm showig you where you're going to live!!!" he screamed through the door. "Well I better go." I go to leave when I stopped & turned back around "Is he always like this with all the yelling?" They all shook there heads yes.

This is going to be one long summer.

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