8) You mean..like a date?

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When I woke up the next morning it was oddly peaceful. No noises coming from next door or even any noise coming from the pool. That's weird considering it's like 10:30 already.

I guess this will be a good day to sit in the park and read my new book 'A Tale to Remember'.

-I just made up that title idk if its real-

I quickly showered and brushed my teeth then put my hair in a semi-messy bun. I changed into some shorts and a 'I love LA' baggy tshirt. I grabbed my book and headed down to the park looking for somewhere to sit.

After searching for 5 minutes and not finding any open benches I was just going to walk back upstairs to get something to sit on like a blanket. Just as I turned around Logan was walking up with a blanket and a book.

"Hey I was just gonna go sit and read want to join me?" he asked gesturing to his blanket.

"Sure I was just about to go get my own blanket actually haha"

He set up his blanket and sat on part of it then patted the other side for me to sit down. "I learned you have to wake up pretty early if you actually want a bench in the morning" he said while laughing. We sat in silence for a few minutes just reading our books. I'm just glad it wasn't an awkward silence otherwise I would have started blabbing on and on to try to make it less awkward.

About 20 or so minutes later Logan set his book down and stood up. I'm gonna go get a smoothie, you want one?" He asked me pulling me out of my book. "Sure i'll have a strawberry!" I was actually pretty excited I LOVE smoothies.

"Okay that's gonna be 4.50" he said.

"Oh um I actually left my money upstairs so don't get me one then." I totally forgot about my money being upstairs. My cheeks were really hot now.

"I'm totally joking Kayla! I wouldn't make you pay for it when I offered! Besides a gentleman always pays for his girl." he was laughing until he realized what he said at the end.

"I didn't mean that like you're my girl..you're a girl yeah but not mine..oh geez..um" he was now redder than I was and he was scratching the back of his neck nervously.

"It's fine Logan. I know what you meant." I got up and kissed his cheek trying to calm him down. Which didn't work because his cheeks just got redder.

"So um I'm going to go um get the smoothies now" He walked away mumbling to himself about how stupid he made himself look.

-Logan's pov-

"How can I be so stupid. I can't believe I actually said that to her. Of course she's not my girl. She'd never be my girl I mean she could have any guy why would she ever pick me. I just made an embarrassment of myself..in front of Kayla! ugh!"

I probably looked crazy to everyone I walked past because I was basically yelling at myself in a whisper. But I don't care what they think of me, I only care what Kayla thinks of me. But she probably thinks I'm weird now. Ugh why did I have to say something stupid! Everything was going well for once and then I went and called her my girl. MY GIRL. I would love to be able to actually call her mine but James and Carlos like her. She'd probably rather date one of them than me.

I got to the smoothie cart and ordered a strawberry smoothie and a blueberry smoothie. I payed the guy and started heading back to where Kayla was. I was getting close to her when Kendall came up and stopped me.

"Logan I need your help." he said out of breath from running from who knows where.

"Whatcha need?" I asked him. "I need you to help me plan a perfect date for Jo for tonight!"

"Tonight? You didn't plan anything yet??" I was confused, usually Kendall was better with planning dates for Jo.

"I've used all my other date ideas already, I don't know where to take her!" He was starting to panic. "Kendall why don't you ask James, I'm sure he'd be good at helping with dates. much better than I am."

"Please help me Logan, you know fun places I know you do." he was actually pleading me to help him.

"Alright let me just take Kayla's smoothie to her. Hang on." I began to walk again and finally got to Kayla.

"Here you go. One strawberry smoothie." ok good I didn't spill it on her.

"Thanks Logan. Mm I love smoothies. This is so good." Wow she even looks cute when she's sipping her smoothie.

"Aren't you going to sit down?" she asked breaking me from my thoughts.

"No Kendall needs my help to plan a date for Jo." I explained the situation to her.

"Oh okay well here take your blanket I should be going to meet my dad soon anyway."

"No! I mean um no you should stay. This won't take long. I'll be back in a few minutes." I sounded so desperate but I just really want to keep hanging out with her. Besides if she goes somewhere else then she'll probably another guy and I don't need more competition.

"I really should be going. But hey if you're free tonight why don't we go out and do something?" She asked me, her eyes sparkling in the sunlight. Wait did she mean out like a date or out like friends hanging out? Okay I'm staring and she's giving me a weird look. Say something Logan anything!

"You m-mean..l-like a d-date?" I was stuttering oh no I'm probably wrong she probably meant hanging out like friends. Oh no what did I just do??

-Kayla's pov-

"You m-mean..l-like a d-date?" Logan was stuttering aw how cute is that! He looks nervous now maybe he just want to be friends? Oh no.. Well I already asked I might as well keep going right?

"Yeah like a date..if you want it to be a date I mean." I tried to play it cool like I wasn't dying for him to say yes.

"Okay then yeah it's a date." He seemed to be getting his confidence back now.

Ok keep cool, keep cool. Just say 'okay I'll meet you in the lobby at 7.' Just don't say anything stupid. Don't start jumping with joy just yet.

"Okay so you wanna meet in the lobby at 7?" I asked. That went well.

"Sure but I've already got a plan so don't dress too casual or too fancy. Something nice. I mean you look nice all the time but I mean like..um" I cut him off because that could go on for awhile. "I know what you mean Logan. I'll see you at 7. Now go help Kendall."

He walked away but he was still pretty close so I could hear him talking to himself "yeah a date. A date with Kayla. A real date. With Kayla. This is great!"

I watched him catch up to Kendall then turn back to me and wave. I waved back then picked up his blanket and book he forgot. I then picked up my own book and headed upstairs and knocked on the guys door. Luckily Mrs. Knight answered because I don't have time for a lot of talking right now.

"Oh hey Kayla what do you need?" she asked me. Wow she's really sweet.

"Well Logan left his blanket and book in the park so I brought them here."

"Alright I'll take those. Thank you."

I walked to my apartment and decided to call dad to tell him I'll be there soon. I decided to walk since its so nice out, so I grabbed my sunglasses and headed out the door.

When I arrived it was 12:13. I took the elevator up to my dads studio level and walked to his office. We talked for a bit and decided to go get some lunch together. I actually learned a lot about my dad and it was nice. This day couldn't get any better.

After lunch I went back to the Palmwoods. I got to my apartment at around 2:35 and started looking for an outfit for my date. Hm now what's casual but not too casual? Dressy but not too dressy? I spent about 3 hours until I found the perfect outfit. I straightened my hair and put on my usual amount of makeup which is just mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. After I finished my makeup I looked over at my clock which read '6:50'. I got my outfit on in 3 minutes and checked myself one last time before heading to the door.


Date in the next chapter! Feedback?


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