Kayla Rocque

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Heyy:) Kayla Rocque here let me tell you about me!

I'm 16 and single.

The world was blessed with me February 2nd 1996 as my mom would say.

My favorite things?

Color- orange

Food- spaghetti

Show- pretty little liars

Game- just dance

Song- worldwide by BTR

Band- Big Time Rush

Movie- Toy Story


Bio: I'm 5'3 kinda short but I'm okay with that. I'm 16 born February 2nd. My dad left when I was 5 to LA to go work on another one of his boybands. But oh well. I live with my mom her and boyfriend Jason. I love them to death. I'm kinda glad my dad left because then we wouldn't have Jason who makes my mom super happy! I'm happy, bubbly, loud, caring, and free-spirited! I like to do what I want. I always listen to my mom so im what you would call a mommas girl. Jason been around since I was 6, so I'm his little princess he's like the dad I didn't get. But a few weeks ago I snuck out to go to a party so my mom is sending me to dads for who knows how long..really not looking forward to this..

Well I gotta finish packing my flight leaves in 3 hours... Byee!!

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