4) Movie night

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James hit play on the DVD player and went to make popcorn. "hey Logan" I said. "Hey (: you know James doesn't seem to want me here I think he thought it was a date"

"really? Why would he think that? I'm just plain old me he could have any other girl here" I said. "Are you serious? Kayla you're amazing and beautiful! And I've only known you for a little while" he told me. Just as I was about to say something James came back with the popcorn and sat right next to me on my left.

About 20 minutes in the movie I was cold. "hey James do you got a blanket I could use?" I asked. He got up and grabbed one for me. I put it on all three of us and continue the movie. A few minutes later I feel a hand on my left leg. "Did you just want the blanket so you could be closer to me without logan noticing?(;" James whispered in my ear.

He sat there for awhile rubbing my leg then he got a text and said he had to help Kendall with Jo and left. "so I guess we're alone for awhile." I said "yeah I guess so" he replied while rubbing his neck. Hm I wonder why he's so nervous? Yeah I'm good at reading people.

The movie ended about 30 minutes later and Logan asked if I wanted to see some of his doctory stuff since I told him I always thought doctors were amazing. We went to his room and he got his doctor coat and stethoscope and put them on.

"so miss Kayla why did you come to see the doctor?" he said playfully

"well you see i fell and hit my lip it hurts real bad." I said flirtly

"hm it looks ok but you know what always helped me when I got hurt?" he asked seeming to have more confidence now. I asked what.

"Kiss it and it makes it better. (;"

"why don't you show me?" I said

I had been sitting on the bed and he sat down and leaned in. We were inches apart when I stopped.

"Logan i just met you. I'm sorry."

"It's okay Kayla. I don't want you to be pressured into anything." he said. He's so sweet i thought.

"Thanks." I said as i kissed his cheek and walked back into the kitchen.


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