One Soul

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Destiny sent one soul
To life among crowded souls
Alone with brave heart
With wish and hope in hands
With faith and love in heart
Walking and keep walking
Looking around with wondering eyes
Smile lovely to share warm love for everyone
Born to bring happiness for each souls

Feel love among hates
Feel life after several time hurt and pain
Destiny might not write the best fate for this poor soul
Fate might too cruel to let the soul face everything alone
Yet GOD never leave this poor soul alone
Sent few friends for stay around
Sent few strangers become like family
Even let the soul feel love from Grandma and Mom
Learn to be wise
Learn to be strong
For tomorrow and future

Even when other try to hurt the soul
There always have other to protect the soul
Even when the soul is too innocent to get bullied,face liars and cheaters
Yet the soul learn well from yesterday
Not to easily trust anyone
Without let the hate become poison inside the heart
Instead of hate, the soul choose to leave and walk away
Without looking back, without bring any regret.
Because the soul always try to give the best
And when it become waste
It just become forgotten part in journey.

Love is something that really amazing
Teach a lot of lesson about life
For the poor soul that already in pain
Teach the soul to be strong
Teach the soul meaning of life
Teach the soul to smile widely
Act like nothing happen for better tomorrow
Faith in the left hand
Hope in the right hand
Carry all worries in the shoulders
Never regret to love and care
As long they didn't waste the kindness as a fun game to play

The soul always remember simple rules for life
If you can't forgive then forget
If you can't forget then walk away from all hates
Don't let yesterday ruin tomorrow

By. LinSoulhope - Lin Shu Li
February 2017

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