Don't trust anybody

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Some sorrow untold by words
Only silent tear could

Some pain unseen by wound or scar
Only the pain still there unshared

Some feeling untouched
Because they are too hurt and numb to feel

Some heart stop to believe
After too much lies and too much fakes drama
Until the heart told the brain
Don't trust anybody

Some song won't stop humming
Just because there are few noisy sound
Some voice still could tell the real clear voice
To shut up those fake cry and fakers

Being shadow
Doesn't mean you could be the real
Because when the light gone
You will disappear
While the real still there to walking on

One lie never will be enough
One lie mean another lie behind
Too much lie until one day
When you wish tell the truth
You still a liar

Don't trust anybody
Because some...
Only liar with innocent face
Fake attitude with rude manner
Some really cruel
But a good pretender
That always pretend to be victim

Close all the doors
Don't be too nice
To let the same disease
Make Heart hurt again

Life well until karma count everything
Till the day reveal the truth
And those fake shadow get burn alive
Till all these pain gone become dust

Remember this
Don't trust anybody

By. LinSoulhope
Learn from the past

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