I Love You

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Just like this
Sitting alone on seaside
Sigh and close my eyes
Drizzling rain moist the hair
While wishing rain wont stop so soon
At least will help to hide the tears
I miss you
If only you was here stand by my side
But that only...if only

The simple love that i found in your eyes
Not red rose or white Calla
Only small bunch of buckwheat flowers
I though its only another joke from fate
Before i know that buckwheat meaning
You even never said sweet coated words
That time we only strangers
If only we know love is really weird
Write fate for our stupid hearts
Colours Destiny for our silly feeling
Without realize we drown more deeper
In another wave of this life
That peoples name as Love

In your hands i found my hope
In your arms i feel safe
While in our silly brave we found will to fight destiny
Only with simple reason...
For Love
Because in love...
We wish to see each other more longer
Because in love
We hope we could stay together
Until the end
Because love is really simple
Like the buckwheat flowers
Even love is complicated too
Just like the buckwheat meaning.

I couldn't hide my smile
When hear your voice calling on my name
I couldn't pretend to erase this feeling
Because in your eyes, i'm already lost
And you found me to be yours

This simple love
This complicated love
This love
While we only want to love each other more longer
Holding hand in hand more longer
Stay together everyday to see sunrise
And waiting for sunset
Just simple like that
I love You

By. LinSoulhope
Goblin - the lonely and great god

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