Winter Child

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The first cry out loud in the cold day
The Winter child first tears and cry
Bring hope and happiness in smile
Innocently looking at those eyes around.
Without know warm embrace will be cold soon too
Yet the smile warmly believe tomorrow will be better

Day by day each step just like flying
Leaving trace behind with memories,
Where happiness and sadness become the regular colours in life
Where kindness and wise become lesson of life.
Bring warm smile even in freezing winter.
With love, the winter child breathing
With hope, the winter child step on the path of destiny
With brave heart, the winter child wipe away the tears from eyes
Take deep breath and bravely face the day that people named as Tomorrow.

Hands that holding on before
Embrace that warm the heart before
Eyes that always proudly look at the winter child before
Voice that calling on the winter child name before
By the time pass, one by one leave
By the time pass, the winter child alone
By the time pass, the winter child grew up to be strong
Because no one life forever
One by one those angels leave
When their journey end.

Kindness still glowing in winter child heart
No matter how other try to hurt
No matter how outside there bullied and trash the winter child away.
It still inside without regret
It still grow with the soul and breathing.
Not because only when this life kind to winter child
But because this cruel world and life need more kindness
Smiling with care and love
Even when some of those eyes judging the winter child like a sinner
Even when some fingers point on the winter child as the one who deserve to blame
While the fact this life already cruel enough
And the only one fault just born as winter child with warm heart
While the only worst sin is to let them hurt again and again
Because it always end with forgive again and again.

Winter child singing the spring song to melt the tears that frozen inside.
With hope wind blew will tell the heaven
How much the winter child wish to meet the real happiness
Without need to chant the spell to soothing the wounded soul.
Cheer up the soul inside while realize actually the cracked sound slowly break it.
Bringing hope to others
With hope it will heal the wound inside.
Hardly smile to those eyes that look down at the winter child
Cheer up like spring
Dance like the wind blew bring the news of spring

Some few days are fine
Even few days are gloomy
Yet few days only days
Because life not only count as few days
Long way to go, more days to walking on.
Ignored those voice that looking down at the winter child
Walk away from those who dare try to kill the soul of the winter child with lies and hates.
Because when the day come
Each of karma will be counted
And in that day they will regret for all the lies and pain that they give
While the winter child just keep walking on
Forgive when can, forget when can't
Walk away from all hate, fake and lies
Because someday the journey will be end
And even winter will be gone
When the spring has come

This is story of winter child
One who blew their birthday candles in tears
One who cry till their tears dried and numb their heart
One who walk on the destiny path
With Fate to be strong
Because there is no other choice
Because hope is a dream that doesn't sleep.

By. LinSoulhope - Lin Shu Li
February 2017
Love when you can
Life when you still

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