Life is

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Life is beautiful seed
Its growing
Its blooming
And lovely blossom like flowers in the spring
Its temporary beauty
Its end when the limited time gone

Life is lovely story
Its start from first page
Fill with pages, chapters, and Plot
Until its reach the last pages
Till the readers found the farewell words

Life is lovely season
Spring, winter, autumn and summer
When one end, the other coming
When one leave, the other start from beginning
Each season have their own lovely view
Each life also like that
Envy each other, complete each other.

Life is beautiful colours
Red, white, yellow, blue, green and many more
Some life colours their day with few colours
Some life colours their way with lot of colours like piece of art
Life is precious too, just like the art

Life is lovely melody
Its make you dance
Its make you humming
Its make you sing
Its make you daydreaming
Life is some piece of master piece
Where when we start it, we try our best to make it as unforgotten

Life is...
Words that untold one by one
The most thick dictionary
The most interesting story
The most mysterious case

For me...that is life
For you?

By. LinSoulhope - Lin Shu Li
January 2016

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