Walk with You

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No one here
Just you and me
They said it is destiny
Someone else said it is Fate
Don't ask me
I don't know the answer too

May i wish?
This road that we walking on together
Stay long and long and long
So we will keep walking on it
So... I can with you
Just like this in the midnight
No one around
Just few street lights among the darkness
Just winter wind blew secretly be our shadow and fans

May i freeze the time?
So i could see your smile
Admire it for awhile
Looking deeply on those pair of eyes
That always drown me into other world
I wish...because...i really wish to..
Wish to be with you
Wish to walk with you
Wish to love you more than my own self
Wish this moment be my forever

Your voice break the silent
Your smile warm my soul
How to be honest to you
How to describe this weird feeling
That make me stop to think
That make me don't want to think

Each step walk beside you
I just keep told my self
I want to remember this beautiful moment
I want to remain my self
That finally i found you
Still...i'm still asking my self
How long we could stay like this?
How long i could walk with you like now?

Walk with you
For other it is just a simple moment
For me...
I couldn't explain it word by words
I just wish to walk with you
Walk beside you
Just like this
Just like now

By. LinSoulhope - Lin Shu Li
December 2016

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