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Each human born in this world
Struggling to face Life
Cry it out loud in their first breath
Hold on hope in each of their fist
Really tight and really stubborn
And somehow they stop cry after feel the warm of hope
Stay calm in warm embrace of mother
The first hope that make every babies stop cry hopeless
Because they found the first hope in this life
Feel safe, feel love and feel life

Time keep going on
And every souls growing old
Each hope growing too
Even some hope stuck in the same point
Or even some hope dying hopeless
Until it stop breathing in faith
Until sometime we named it as Disappointed
But some hope keep blooming like flowers in four season
Blooming whole years with faith in their mind
Even after several of holes to cross
Of several pain to feel

Hope is like a glass ball in our hands
If we carry it well
It still our hope
In our faith till it become true
Keep lead us and be our light in dark
If we careless in our faith to keep it
Then it will disappear
When the glass ball drop from our hands
Broken into pieces and in the end it hurt our self
Can't blame anyone
Because hope only breath
When the soul who have it still believe
Hope will stop breathing
When soul give up on faith to believe

Its breathing in us
Hope that we bring to this world
Hope that we bring for this life
Its depend on us now
Will we let it breath?
Or we let it disappear?

By. LinSoulhope - Lin Shu Li
December 2016

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