Fireworks in My Life

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We meet in the same time
When we fought our destiny
When someone we love and care to us
Leave us in this world alone
With Regret in our hearts

We simple start our meet with Hi
We simple start our journey with stand by each other
Everyday talks and laugh
Sometime we whining and cry out or disappointed
When one become weak
The other become strong pillar
As shoulder to lean on
As someone to be Guardian

We talk seriously about life
About Day, about Night and Dream
Happiness is same like fireworks
The beautiful part is short
It lovely, its precious even only In short time.
Its beautiful even in the end it will be gone without trace except smokes
Its more lovely more in the dark skies

Where Hello start
Then Goodbye following behind
The time when you prepare to say Goodbye to me
Limited time of life you said
Destiny laugh on our Fate you joke to me
But then...even after prepare everything
Still i couldn't strong enough
To said Goodbye without tears in my eyes
Even i learn to smile when my sight blur with tears

Right here in the last day of the year
I stand here in the crowded fields
Looking up the skies fill with Fireworks
Like our promised all these time
When one of us leave earlier
We should visit each other when flowers blooming in the night skies
That mean we could meet each other to show our smiles again
Proudly tell this life...i'm fine here

Don't worry about me are Fireworks of my life
Dear my one and only soul guardian
Dear my sad journey friend
Nice to meet you again tonight
Wait for me until that day come
The day when my time come too
When i could proudly told you...
Fireworks in my life
Story about my journey and my life

Look down from there
I'm smiling here for you
I couldn't keep promised not to cry
But now...i could stop cry and smile again
My dear Fireworks in my life
I miss you...miss much

By. LinSoulhope - Lin Shu Li
In memories of my dear Angel Guardian
Josept Yap Wei Mun

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