Walk with Unseen Wound

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You see the smile
he soul that comeback from several dying days
Drag the feet to keep walk
Act like nothing happen
Wear the mask of smile
With the same magic spell
I'm fine...

This life forced the soul to fight
Keep breathing until everything really end someday
The stubborn soul that always try to smile
Even when tears almost break out from those pair of eyes
Smile then you will be fine
Walk then you will be better
Don't give up now...
At least not now
The one who get hurt again and again
But still try not to hate anyone
Because still believe...
Hate just make everything become more worst

The past is unforgotten nightmare
But the survivor soul still keep walk
With all the unseen wound
Bring small hope in hands and mind
Wish tomorrow happiness erase all the pain

No one see the wound
No one feel the pain
But the survivor soul just smile
Don't let anyone feel the same pain
That is why the soul smile wide
Share happiness seeds in each of step that feet walk on

Don't be sad, Don't cry
Someday everthing will be just fine
That kind of hope that the soul told as story teller
Because with that small light of hope
The unseen wound slowly close
The unseen wound slowly healing
With that small hope and happiness
The fragile soul keep walking on
With unseen wound
No one know
No one need to feel it
That is the promised that the soul make
So no more other soul get broken
Because this life is too precious to waste only in sorrow

By. LinSoulhope - Lin Shu Li
30 November 2016
Medan - Indonesia

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