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"I need, assistance, with a certain... matter of weakness." Lauren sat stiffly in the chair, examining her folded hands in her lap closely, before looking up at the woman across from her expectantly.

"Miss Jauregui, if you came to me for help, it is already obvious you feel you need assistance regarding an issue of a sexual nature. I will not be able to understand the situation unless you are more specific."

Lauren's vision dropped back down to her hands, her thumb smoothing mindlessly over her own pale palm.

"I... have previously struggled with an... addiction to sex." Lauren swallowed, her mouth feeling dry as she made eye contact with the therapist again.

"That is not an uncommon cause for patients to come and seek my help. Is there anything else specific you'd like to tell me about yourself or what you'd like to work on by starting this program?" The therapist paused, taking a moment to type some notes onto her ipad before continuing. "What I'm saying is, what do you personally seek to accomplish during your sessions here?"

"I..." Lauren hesitated, retreating into her own head to ask herself that question. She wanted to be able to resist her addiction, to have the strength to ignore the dark thoughts that always ended up defeating her eventually. She wanted that part of her to not consume her life. Maybe underneath it all she just wanted to be able to live a normal life filled with a little love where it was lacking, though she wasn't sure.

"I wish to suppress my desires enough so that I will not feel compelled to give in to them constantly, and I hope to be able to... have a healthy sex life?" Lauren settled with, readjusting her posture and switching the leg she had crossed over the other with poise.

"Miss Jauregui, may I call you Lauren?"

Lauren tilted her head to display her acceptance.

"Lauren, what about your sex life now, other than the frequency at which you feel the urge to act on sexual desires, do you feel is unhealthy?" The therapist tilted her head to the side just a touch, her huge mane of curls swaying with the movement, and lifted a perfectly groomed and drawn eyebrow in curiosity.

"You could say...I have a very dominant personality that I'm not sure most people would be acceptant of or welcome to... experiment with. Certain things I enjoy are... not within the normal parameters of..." Lauren faded off seeing the understanding on Dr. Rowe's face.

"Do you feel your dominant traits ever escalate to violent behavior during sex?"

"Yes." Lauren fixed the doctor with a stone cold glare. Not sure where her line of questioning was headed.

"That is not uncommon. Have you ever wondered if... applied to the right setting, what you now see as traits of defect might become highly favoured with people who appreciate someone of your... assertiveness." The doctor's smooth voice made Lauren curious of her intentions. "You see sometimes Lauren, the real problem people don't realize when they come to me is that the true struggle of recovery is learning to accept yourself. With many people that share your idea of their distasteful traits being something they need to erase, I allow them to work on self acceptance during their rehabilitation in a safe, controlled environment."

"Safe, controlled environment...?"

"Yes. You will be paired up with other patients that are more likely to benefit your recovery and self acceptance. And over the course of your sessions you will be given objectives to accomplish that will help shape how your mind approaches and thinks about sex. Above all else you will be able to embrace your traits in privacy and safety."

Lauren was slacked jawed. She wasn't the type of person to be shocked often or easily, but this was something she'd never expected when she had Googled and read about a controversial new program that might just be progressive enough to help her with her issues.

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