We searched high and low for the three traitors. We followed their sloppy movements through the caves and out a giant mouth that led into what seemed to be another section of the arena. The weather was more warm on this side and there we alot of tropical plants spread out. I recognized them easily, banana's, cherries, apples, watermelon, kiwi's, the variety was endless. A females scream pulled my attention deeper into the trees and from behind a large bush I listened and spied.

"I told you not to eat it." Alisa blubbered. On the ground at her feet was her sister Layla.

She suddenly began seizing up, foam rising from her mouth before her body stopped and a blast filled the arena announcing her death.

"Should we kill her?" Phoenix asked.

A small knife flew threw the air and stuck her in the side of the neck. She dropped quickly to the ground and bled out. We left and continued on, 30 seconds in the blast announced her passing.

"How many is that?" River asked.

Raider picked a few things here and there as he began talking. 24 came in, 5 died the first night. 1 the second night and 3 the third night. Thats nine, 24 minus 9 is 15 minus the 6 from our group that leaves 9 more to go before..." he didn't bother finishing his sentence we all already knew what he meant.

"Some game huh?" I told them.

Heavy footsteps came up behind me and Mitchelle pushed me out of the way. I watched as him and Ethan fell to the ground and began fighting. Soon after his appearance Alisa joined in and tackled Tyne to the ground. I ran forward and and went to pull my bow before I realized I didn't have it on me. I quickly looked around and saw a familiar bush of blue berries I looked for the right one and plucked it before I ran forward and jumped on Alisa and shoved it into her open mouth. She gagged and choaked before she fell to the ground and began seizing until a blast sounded announcing her death.

"Are you okay?" I asked Tyne as I helped her to her feet. She nodded her head.

Another blast sounded and I turned to look at Mitchelle who was pushing Ethan's large body off of him. I walked over and helped him to his feet.

"Thank you for taking that blow for me." I said.

"Some game" He repeated to me.

Phoenix who seemed frozen in his place unrooted himself and moved forward to pull me into a hug, my brother soon joined me.

"Are you okay?" River shouted as he took my face between his hands.

"Why are you shouting at me?" I asked him as I pushed his hands away.

He chuckled nervously. "Sorry bout that. I'm sorta in shock. I thought you were a gonner."

I smirked at him. "I'm stronger than I look."

River threw his arm over my shoulder and we headed off. 7 more to go. Maybe my brother or myself may actually have a chance. But in order to survive we would need to kill off those that we had made a slight bond with. Surprisingly after the small handful of people I killed with out a second thought I couldn't bare killing my allies.

We walked for what seemed like three hours picking fruit, vegetables and edible plants. We found a nice spot near a tiny lake and did a bit of spear fishing before we set up a fire to have a feast. We thought it'd be a good idea to cook and eat all the meat from the animals before it spoiled. With the help of my fellow allies we were able to cook and enjoy a massive feast of odd-ball stew that contained whatever we threw in. We laughed as we passed around canteens to drink some water and actually sang together.

"So if you had to bet on someone else aside from yourself who do you think will make it out?" Raider said.

we all looked around at one another before Tyne spoke.

"I bet on Aloe all the way." she said.

"Me too" my brother agreed. Everyone except myself bet on me.

I shook my head. "I think Raider will win." I wanted everyone to win so I just chose someone at random.

Raider stood to his feet and headed over to grab another fruit off of its vine. As he was walking back he began talking about how nice it'd be to walk out as a victor when suddenly a shredding sound was heard. Raiders face went white as he looked down. Sticking through his mid section was the head of a spear. Before he could fall another spear soared through the air and missed River by in inch and penetrating Mitchelle before he could move. They hit the ground seconds apart and two blasts where heard.

I took a arrow from the sheeth and pointed it at the girl that hung from tree's and let it go. It hit her in the shoulder and she fell to the ground. Getting to her feet she ripped it from her shoulder and picked up her final spear that she launched through the air. I watched in slow motion as it  went soaring towards Tyne. I thought she was a gonner until my brother jumped in front of her and took the blow of the weapon in the middle of his chest. He fell to the ground and bled out within seconds and a blast sounded and I knew he was dead.

I stared at him, his dead body. Somewhere in the distance another blast sounded but I didn't care.  I just wanted my brother back. Several things flew through my mind as I realized my parents were watching and had witnessed along with myself the death of my brother, their first born. I was unable to save him and now like I promised to my father the night before I entered the arena, I would do everything to come home to them.

I got to my feet and after a goodbye to my brother Tyne, Phoenix and myself headed on. We were five feet away when I heard it, the craft that came to take the dead bodies. I watched as they lifted the bodies of the girl who offed my brother, Raider, Mitchelle and then finally my brother. Tears swam behind my eyes as watched the craft disappear into the distance.

I turned to the final two members of my crew. "It's not safe we need to move, any ideas?"

9 more to go I thought to myself. 6 from the other Districts and then my two allies. I guesstimated that to being anywhere from 1 to 5 more days maybe longer. 1 to 5 more days and one person would be leaving the arena. At this point it could be anyone.

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