After breakfast I was quickly whisked away by Cinna and my stylist to get prepped and beautified for the first of many interviews. I laid back in the chair while my eyebrows were being plucked, my legs were being waxed and my face powdered and makeup done. When I was finally done I was sat in a chair where they fixed my hair. I winced every few seconds as they tugged and pulled at my hair to weave it into an intricate french braid that hung down my back with a few loose strands curtaining my face. Cinna came into the room carrying a red dress. I held up my arms and in the swiftest of movements he adjusted it above me so that it fell over me. Finally it was time to step into my death shoes, or heels. They were 4 inches in length, or so Cinna said. I stood in my heels staring at myself in a full length mirror, or atleast I thought it was me. The girl I was staring at looked pretty and older.

The red dress was beautiful, simple but elegant. Cinna created a masterpiece. He took my hands and twirled me slowly once before he smiled.

"You remind me of the years I dressed and styled your mother. You are the spitting image of her." Cinna told me.

Before I could thank him for his compliment my mother came and beckoned me from the room. She gave Cinna a quick peck on the cheek before she wisked me from the room. We walked to the elevator and took it to one of the higher floors. When I stepped out I was pulled into a hug by my brother River.

"You look beautiful sis." He looked at my dress once and ran his finger over a section of the fabric before he shook his head. "Though I wish Cinna would have added some more fabric to the dress. You are only twelve not sixteen." He turned and walked away.

I looked at my mother confused. "What is wrong with him?" I asked her.

She shook her head. "Let him tell you at his own time." My mothers face grew sad before she turned away.

What was going on with my family? I mean yeah my brother and I are tributes for District Twelve in the Hunger Games but why did it seem like they were hiding something more serious from me or atleast were not telling me.

I took a deep breath to try and relax myself before I headed deeper into the room. Why was everyone staring at me? I worked my way through the crowd of Tributes and their mentors before I broke through and was free with atleast a three foot diameter to myself.

I closed my eyes and tried to regulate my heart beat so I didn't sweat off my face and when I opened them Phoenix was standing beside me with a smile on his face.

"You look pretty Aloe" he said to me.

I smiled. "Thanks Cinna dressed me."

"You have an amazing stylist. I mean your flaming costume was brilliant."

"Yeah I know they were my mother and fathers during their times as Tributes in the games."

Before we could carry on our conversation any further we were called into the room where we would be doing our interviews. We were sat by district and by sex, females first. I sat beside my brother and listened to the others being interviewed. One that held my attention the most was Phoenix's interview.

"How do you feel about being chosen as a tribute the year after your sister?" The host asked him.

I sat up straighter in my chair as if it would help me to hear better.

"Well to be honest if I could have taken her place I would have. The only thing I can do now is enter that arena when the time comes and do the best I can. If I die it will not be in vain." At those last words he turned to look at me. "She's here right now with us, her spirit. I can feel it."

I tensed up and quickly stared at the floor. Did he imply that to me? I'm not his sister. Then I remembered what my father told me, I probably reminded him of his sister. I shrugged my shoulders slightly before I moved my attention back to the front. It was the female tribute from District 8. She was pretty there was no denying it. Her brown hair flowed down her back and one braid hung off to the side of her face with three different beads at the ends. On her shoulder she had what looked like a native tattoo. She was native? I squinted my eyes gently and really noticed the tint to her light skin, it was like a light olive colored skin tone.

"How do you feel going into the Games knowing that you may never see your husband or child ever again?" the host asked her

The girl standing up there was married and had a child? She looked barely 16. I leaned forward out of curiousity.

"I've been a wife since I was 15 and a mother since I was 16. I've had almost 3 years with my husband and 2 with our son. If I die in that arena I won't worry, my husband is a good father and I know my son will be taken care of. I regret nothing." She turned her head in my direction and I saw a glimmer run down her face. She was crying.

She nodded her head and then walked back to her spot. The male tribute from 8 came up and did his interview and then 9's tributes followed by 10's and then 11's. I took a deep breath when the male from district 11 sat down. I was next. I waited for my introduction before I got to my feet. I stopped in my tracks for a second when everyone caught me off gaurd with their cheering and applause. When I made it up to the stage I glanced up at the balcony and spotted Cinna. He nodded his head and I took a deep breath.

"How do you feel following in your mothers footsteps?" He asked me.

I looked up at the man and smiled. "I feel confident. I don't want to sound cocky but I've taken an interest in survival since I was able to read. My parents want me to hide the fact I have great skills to try and give me an edge in the competition but what the heck I'm going to flaunt them. Just remember who my parents are and what they are capable of. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." I smiled and the room was quite. Why wasn't anyone clapping? Suddenly a loud boom like noise filled the air as everyone started their clapping at one.

I twirled before I bowed and then headed back to my seat. Next our districts male tribute. I listened to them introduce my brother and watched him walk up to the stage. He still seemed to be sad.

"How do you feel having to compete against your own sister knowing that only one will come out in the end?"

I looked up at the front awaiting his answer.

"I don't worry about my sister not surviving. I just worry about her losing sight of who she is. I know she can survive, better than I will. The only person I am worrying about is my girlfriend who is pregnant with my child. I should be there with her but instead I'm here preparing to enter into the Games knowing that I won't come out. If push comes to shove and its my sister and myself standing I'm going to off myself and let her walk. I can't kill my sister." He turned to look at me before he kissed his index and middle finger twice before placing it over his heart.

The crowd was silent as he walked back to his seat and sat down. Now I knew why he seemed so upset since he left his girlfriend that day. They were expecting a child together and now he was certain he wouldn't ever be able to be there for his family. I understood why he was in the worst of moods, I would be too. I reached my hand over the arm of the chair and took my brothers hand into my own and gave it a reassuring squeeze. He looked at me and for the first time in my life I saw a tear stream down his face.

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