Just as he had told me earlier, Cinna came along and my mother and father greeted him warmly. I guess he wasn't lying when he said him and my parents were really close. I watched as Cinna took my mothers hand into his own and kissed it before he gently released it.

"I can't say its nice to see you, especially on these terms. Either way it has been a long time" Cinna said.

I thought for a moment that the words he spoke sounded a bit rude until I realized the full meaning. I guess he didn't like the fact that they are only meeting again because we are in the games. This man named Cinna truly cared.

It was my mother who cut their visiting time short as she looked at her watch. "I think it'd be nice if we got a bit of food in our stomachs before we settled in for the night. Cinna would you care to join us." My mom asked.

He nodded his head. "I will soon join you but I must return to my team and go over the wardrobe for the next week."

My mother and Cinna exchanged a friendly peck on each cheek before him and my father shook hands. The just as quickly as he appeared he left. I nestled into my mothers arms and watched as several other Tributes -much larger then myself- walk by staring at my family and I.

"What are they looking at mom" I asked.

She looked up and smiled as she wrapped her arms around me. "They are just curious to see the son and daughter of the District 12 champions."

"Oh" I say.

Without another word my mother and father guided us to the elevator where we took it back up and got out on a floor that held a banquet like room. My eyes grazed the room as I ached to eat the many foods that were laid out along the tables that lined the walls.

"Do we get to eat all this?" I asked my mother.

She nodded her head. "All you can eat."

I took a step forward and looked around. Several times I blinked hoping that this all wasn't my imagination. I mean sure my family was fed well but never had we been able to eat the scrumptious delicacies that were laid out before us. Only a fair few of the dishes I recognized but I had a feeling that they would be of better quality because they were from the Capitol.

My brother took my hand and pulled me forward. He handed me a large plate and took one for himself. We moved side by side pulling a little bit of every onto our plates before we took to a table and sat down.

I picked up a fancy looking fork with intricate designs along its handle and speared a piece of interesting looking meat and stuffed it into my mouth. The moment I began chewing it was as if a burst of flavor erupted into my mouth.

"This is so good" I said to my brother who nodded his head in agreement.

After 30 more minutes of eating in the dining area I deemed myself full and rose to my feet. My mother joined me at my side and escorted me off to my bedroom while my father did the same for my brother.

"Tomorrow you have training, I want you up bright and early to grab a good breakfast." My mother told me.

My moms idea of a good breakfast is one that has settled before the busy days began at home. I supposed that is what she meant for me because I had a habit of stuffing my face at the last minute and then getting sick while I was active at home.

"Yes mom." I sighed as I crawled into bed.

An older red headed woman entered the room and nodded towards the blankets. I think she wanted to tuck me in. I shook my head at her and reached my arm out to my mother.

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