I woke up and all around me was dark. Where were my night vision glasses? I sat up and suddenly I felt hands on me. I wanted to scream but some how I wouldn't allow myself to show I was afraid. If they kept me alive this long they probably wouldn't kill me if I did what they said.

After I was sure I wasn't going to scream I finally spoke up. "Where am I?"

"Where do you think" I heard Lia speak. She quickly placed a pair of glasses on my eyes and I was able to see her. "We thought we'd never see you again." She said before bringing me into a hug.

"How did you find me? Did you see the signal I sent you all?" I asked curiously.

Lia shook her head. "We didn't know you sent a signal. Blaze was down refilling our canteens and getting some berries for us and he saw a body on the ground. He then realized it was you and brought you back."

I reached forward and picked up a water cateen and drank from it. It was nice and refreshing after all those hours without any. After I got my fill I set it down and grabbed a berry and took a bite from it. "So anyone else die?" I asked. I already knew the answer before I heard it. No. "How is 7 doing?"

"I'm doing fine. I am ready to get this game over with." He replied. "You call me Douglas, you know like the Douglas Fir." He cracked his knuckles. "I was named after it."

"We can go after we rest for atleast another day or two. I'm not gonna lie but I am tired."

"I wouldn't be surprised you've been out for atleast 2 days." Douglas replied.

I looked around in disbelief. Was I really out for 2 days? I felt exhausted, and famished. After finishing my fruit I reached forward to feel for another before I brought it to my lips to take a bite. I began taking in my surroundings. We were in the cave and atleast 3 were missing.

"Where are the others?" I asked curiously as I rose carefully to my feet and headed towards the back of the cave to sit by Blaze.

"They are out scouting the enemy camp, 6 and 11." He replied.

"They should be careful, tell me they took weapons."

I saw Blaze take one look at the pile of weapons and knew they were unarmed. I reached forward and grabbed a few weapons before I slung my bow and sheeth over my shoulders and headed to the mouth of the cave.

"Where are you going?" Blaze asked as he grabbed my arm.

"Where do you think?" I wrenched my arm from his grip and scaled down the from the cave.

I turned and looked back at the cave and saw without a doubt the rest of the gang following me. By the looks of it Douglas brought the weapons and our things with him. Great...

"If you are going then so are we" Blaze said as he joined my side.

I threw my arms up and groaned. "Fine!" I gave in.

He chuckled as we headed out. "You know you are very riled up for a 12 year old."

"And what are you 12 1/2" I barked in annoyance.

"No I'm 13."

"Of course you are." I replied coldly. I quickened my step to try and put some distance between us.

He sped up to match my pace and was soon at my side again. "Why are you so angry?" he asked me.

I shook my head not even wanting to speak. I didn't want to talk to him right now. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to a stop and forced me to look into his eyes.

"Because you let them leave without weapons."

"I didn't do anything. They are not my responsibility regardless. My responsibility is to make sure you get out of here alive. Nothing more nothing less."

I sighed before I simply nodded my head and then walked on. The rest of the hour walk went on nice and quickly and to my luck silent. We caught up to the rest of the group who were up in a tree spying on the Careers.

After 3 hours of survalience my allies noticed the careers functioned on a schedule that went in intervals of 3 hours. one pair would sleep for 3 hours, another two gaurded and another 2... or in this case one would upate the traps. After everyone had gotten a chance to do the 3 shifts they'd go out and hunt for us while one person stayed and gaurded the camp.

"They should be switching shiffts about.... now" 11 said to me.

Just as she predicted the two careers that were sleeping sat up as if they had an alarm set and rose to their feet. Like a robot they moved to grab their weapons and then went on gaurd shift while the tribute from 4 took his spot in the sleep area and went to sleep. Those that had been on gaurd previously were now out securing the traps that gaurded the camp.

"In 3 hours they will be hunting for us so we better put some distance between ourselves and them." 6 added.

"Back to our old camp or move on?" I asked them.

"We should move on, its not good to stay in one place too long." Lia said.

She was right. They could be closing in on our camp any moment now so it was time to go. There was one place other than that cave and the last that I knew was safe enough to stay.

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