I sat up on that rock and ate when they brought me food and even got a bit of sleep before I was waken the next morning by Douglas. He said today is the big day. Apparently someone was going to go home today if everything went correctly. I ate some breakfast and then we set out heading to the spot we knew they inhabited. It was not likely that they would pick up and move since there weren't many places to go to so to the Cornucopia is where we headed.

Once we were less than 5 minutes away I moved to the trees for a better view and were their areal eyes. I gave them hand signs and whispered things to them to let them know what I saw. From one branch to the next I hopped before I was able to see them. I halted my crew and they prepared.

From my spot in the trees I counted, one, two... where is three? Before I could say anything I watched my last two allies run forward and fall into battle against the others. One of two final male tributes fell to the ground a bang sounded. Two seconds later a knife flew threw the air and struck Blaze in his back. He froze before another hit him and then one more. Then he fell to the ground and the bang announced his death. I wanted to scream but to do that would ensure my death to the 3rd hidden Career.

One more bang sounded and the final career that my two guys were battling dropped to the ground. I carefully looked around before I dropped from the tree and headed over to him.

"One more to go." I said to him.

He brought me into a hug and rubbed my back.

"One more to go then you can go home to your family." He said as he pulled me closer.

My attention was grabbed as a girl walked from the tree line. Her eyes flickered to the blood spots where her tributes had just been and then she let out a manic scream. From a holder on her back she pulled out two samari swords and did a fancy twirl with them before she ran forward.

"Get up in the tree's as high as you can go and stay there." Douglas said.

I nodded my head and ran off towards the nearest tree line before I practically flew up the tree. I made it atleast 9 feet into the nearest tree I watched the fight going on below. Douglas had to machettes at hand and was doing a dance trying to avoid getting sliced up by the razor sharp blades.

I closed my eyes several times as I feared his life was coming to an end. The fight went on for nearly an hour before he misjudged his next movement and got his arm sliced. This one let up cost him his right arm. I watched another one of the samari blades slice right threw his side. Douglas fell to the ground and was clenching the stub that was left of his arm with his left hand.

I watched as the girl climbed on top of him and began cutting him and skinning his body. After several minutes of screams from Douglas the cannon went off anouncing his death. It was apparent he bled out. The girl that had been responsible for his death was shouting at the top of her lungs.

"I didn't say you can die yet! Wake up, I'm not done with you yet." She screamed over and over as she continued to stab Douglas' lifeless body.

After 3 minutes she eventually moved so they could come collect the body. One more to go I thought to myself. I watched as the final girl that was standing in my way of freedom moved to pick up the bag of weapons that had been ours and dump them out on the ground. She picked up the final 4 knifes we had and walked over to the tree.

"Hey there my name is Harmony, I'm from District 1." She held up the knifes and smiled. "Do you wanna play?"

I reached into my sheeth and frowned. I had one arrow left.

"What's wrong?" She asked me. "No weapons?" She laughed and I felt the hairs on my arms raise up. "So I know you probably want to go home and all but I think it's only fair if we get to know each other first so I know who I am about to murder."

I stared at her in silence. Was this girl crazy? I was definitely scared out my wits. After a long minute she smiled and took a seat on the ground and began polishing off her swords to rid it of the blood residue.

"I'll go first since you are probably shy. My name is Harmony Winterson I'm from District 1 obviously." She smirked. "I'm born to Evangeline and Benedict Winterson. My father is the Mayor and my mother is a store owner she sells jewelry. I have two younger siblings a brother and sister who are twins. I am sure you remember them, Essence and Ethan." She began cleaning the machette's that Douglas had. Suddenly she stopped and looked up at me. "You killed them didn't you?" She asked me.

I looked at her and shook my head. "No I swear it wasn't me." I said as I held onto the tree for dear life.

She rose to her feet and picked up the machettes. She pointed one at me before she shook her head. "I don't believe you." She brought it to her head and touched her temple with it. "I'm going to kill you.... slowly."

With all the strength she could fine she threw the machette at me. It missed by two inches and I almost fell out of the tree. The next machette hit my hand and I let go of the tree and fell to the ground. Everything was black until I came to.

A searing pain came from my hands and I turned my head and saw I was speared to the tree by a knife threw the palms of my hands. I cried out in pain and tried to breath to calm myself. I looked around to try and find the crazy woman. She was sitting on the ground playing with her knives.

I moved a bit and noticed that my weapons were still slung over my shoulder. I just needed to get lose and then if I was fast enough I would be able to take her out. I braced myself for the pain I was about to cause myself. With all the strength I could find in myself and yanked away from the trees as hard as I could and screamed as I felt my hands being torn to shreds. I was free!

I quickly reached behind my back and drew my bow before I armed it with an arrow. I watched as the girl rose to her feet and arched an arm back and released a knife that flew in my direction. I quickly aimed and released and watched as my arrow launched itself the 5 foot distance and pierced her through the chest.

Perfect shot. I looked down and realized that I too had been hit in the chest. I wrapped my hands around the knife and pulled it out before I dropped it. Not fast enough I thought to myself. I fell to the ground and stared as thing around me grew hazy.  A loud bang in the distance announced the death of Harmony. Any time now... Suddenly all went black.

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