I spent the night in that tree I hid in and when the sun had started to rise I took off to the cave that I had left my crew at. I was determined to make sure Lia was okay and the rest of the members as well. I slid down from the tree and landed on my feet before I prepped my bow and headed out towards the closest land mark I knew that would take me to them, the river. Within five short minutes I located it and headed back.

I stopped after several minutes from exhaustion. I had no water and no food and hadn't had any since the last time I ate which I wasn't sure when that had been. I was tempted to drink some of the river water but I knew it wouldn't stay down for even a minute. I had no way to purify anything so the most I could do was suck juice from berries and chew on some bark. I knew I needed to get back as soon as possible.

After my 15 rest I had to take a dip in the river. Without stripping down from my clothes I waded in up to my waist and dunked my head under. The moment my head was submerged I knew I shouldn't have done it. It was blazing hot and it getting myself wet was going to make it 10x worse for me.

The moment I came out of water I felt it. The hot sun was attacking my skin sucking up the water faster than I had gotten wet. If I made it back I'd be burnt the next morning. I needed to move on before it was hit noon, that is when the heat is the most intense because the sun is high up.

I walked on and by 11:30 I was near ready to faint. I remember taking one step and then everything went black for I don't know how long. I felt so vulnerable. If another career came through they could easily take me out. I looked around and I could easily see the cave. Maybe if I could get a signal to them. I just needed something reflective. I searched my person and found the only reflective thing I had, my mockingjay pin.

I shifted it to try and catch a few rays and managed to steal a couple. I tried my best to send them shining up to the cave to grab my team members attention. This attempt went on for what felt like an hour. Suddenly I realized that they could've left the cave and could be miles away from now. If they left I was good as dead, no food no water and only my boy to protect myself.

I felt the heat take the best of me and I flashed my pin once more before I felt myself sink into the darkness. If a career wanted to kill me they could do it now. My thoughts went to my family, my mom and my dad. I felt bad that I was going to fail them and break my promise. I wouldn't make it home. I was going to die right here and every person in Panem was going to watch it happen.

Slowly I lifted my my hand and pressed my three center fingers to my lips and rose them to the sky before I blacked out. Some how I was unconscious but at the same time I was able to hear everything around me.

I heard someone approach me and I knew I was dead. Suddenly I was lifted from the hard ground beneath me and I felt as whoever lifted me was carrying me somewhere. Please just kill me fast I don't want my parents to see me suffer anymore then they have too.

I felt my body be adjusted before I felt like I was being bounced around. Moments later I was on my back again and I heard several other voices. I felt water on my face. Water being poured into my mouth and then a mix of what smelled like herbs being literally shoved down my throat. Seconds later I was out.

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