Chapter 3

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In front of me a sight was there which literally sent me to oblivion and my jaw to drop on the floor . That's what happen figuratively ad there in front of me was Ashton standing only in his office pants . That amazing V of his and how his muscle twitch whenever he moves and that six pack of his torso was just mouthwatering .
And when I moved my eyes leisurely to his face I saw a smirk appear on his face as he caught me checking him out and i just turn as fast as I can to hide my warming cheeks from his burning gaZe.

I quickly plate Andrew's food on his plate and diced it into small pieces so that he can eat it easily and would not choke on it and also make a side of some neatly diced fruits as well .

Placing the plate in front of Drew and downing the pancakes in maple syrup he immediately dug into his food but not before saying "dank u Tina".

After that i plate some eggs and pancakes in front of Ashton along with his black coffee without any sugar and he also replied with a sweet "thank you Tina"

"What are you doing today" to me .
"I am thinking of taking Drew to the park today so that he can play with children his age" I replied

"You guys should join me for lunch today," said Ashton
"But we dont want you to make you late for your schedule " I told him but at the same time Andrew said "yesh daddy " and started clapping his hand enthusiatically.
"Looks like you guys are going to spend lunch with me" said Ashton
Looks like we are indeed having lunch with Andrew I thought to myself.

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