Chapter -10

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When I woke up in the morning I was disoriented at first as I was in a entirely different room but the realisation dawned upto me that I am indeed in Ashton's room and in his arms which are tightly wrapped around me that anytime he would let me go , I would disappear without a trace.

Right now in his arms I feel cherished , protected and not to forget happy. he is so damn handsome and beautiful ,( I know I know what you guys thinking beautiful about a guy but what can I say when you have a guy like him then you will certainly understand.)

His mop of blond hair and and those plump kissable pink lips and not to forget those abs are to die to for ....

" You know staring is bad " his sentence caught me off gaurd that he has caught me red handed in shamelessly staring him and it can't help my situation any further that my cheeks are becoming warm but he just chuckled at me .

"You're just so precious sweetheart and innocent as well." just like that my heart skipped a beat.

He was just going to say something to me but then I heard a distant cry of Andrew and I was running to his room like the whole house is on fire. "Awwww baby good morning " I cooed at him and he just started babbling saying "goo monnin" in his adorable baby voice .

I picked him up and settled him on his changing table for a quick diaper change all the while he was trying to talk to me in his baby voice which I find so cute .

After changing him from his night clothes I carried him downstairs for his breakfast " Wht do you want to eat my precious ?"

"Pan pan "was his only reply .

I started making pancakes from the scratch and also left coffee to brew and side by side making eggs as well for Ashton and me to eat when I felt hands on my waist .

I turned around to just be kissed by Ash when Drew saw his daddy he started babbling dada dada all the while raising his arms to be picked by his daddy.

Ash chuckled but obliged nonetheless and then I fell the slobbery kisses which Drew was giving me .

After making breakfast I cut Drew his pieces and drench it in some maple syrupso thathe can feel himself. We started eating as well and talking about our day's schedule like a perfect family.

Ash left for his office but not before reminding me of our date in his office for lunch along with Drew and just like I blushed .

After saying goodbye to Ash , Drew and I went inside and sat by Drew while he was playing with his legos all the while I was chatting with Toby.

T= Toby ,Tt = Tina

T: what are you upto bitch?

Tt: I have a date with Ash today.

T: omg you bitch , you are so lucky to have a boytoy like that....

Tt: rolling my eyes he is not my boytoy but enough of Ash I have got a date for you his name is Alex and might I say a lot hot you guys will look like a hot couple..

T: can't wait ....

And that's how we concluded our texting session but one glance at the time got me running along with Drew as I have a little more than an hour to get us ready for our date........

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