Chapter 6

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We reached the diner in no time  as it was just around the corner of Ashton's office building .

Drew was just skipping in between us as he was quite excited fir going to the diner and the park .

"What do you guys want to eat " asked a really perky brunett as she was not so sensually looking at Ashton and batting her eyelashes.

"Mashed potatoes and french fries and a mini burger for the little guy and a glass of orange juice " and looked to me by asking " what do you want beautiful."

I blushed at the endearment and cleared my throat and said "double cheese burger with the fries on the side with a glass of coke ".

Make that too ." He replied

The girl left without saying anything but not before giving me a dirty look .

"Dada hungly "

" dont worry little guy food will be there " while I gave Drew his toys so that he can play with them .

Once we received our food we did not wait before digging in

We all were laughing and playing around by seeing Drew making a mess while trying to eat himself .

After eating we all decided to just go to the park and we all went to the way ........,

I knw people I had updated after a very long time and that too with a very short chapter and I knw u guys are not so happy .

But I was having my exams .....

U guys can understand how hectic can it be .. But rest assured I will be updating very soon ... for this book .....

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