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I was dreaming and I dont know how but I was actually falling and no people I am not falling in my dreams which tends to happen a lot but I think that I am actually falling for my boss which I do not have any idea is a good thing or a bad one but I think it is certainly a good thing.

I do love the idea of being with Ash and might I say thinking and imagining a future with them where drew is all grown up and helping his siblings . I was smiling do damn hard that I know nobody can wipe that smile from my face.

I know if drew would see my face he would certainly be creeped out with me .

I finally got up from bed and towards kitchen to start drew's and Ash's breakfast as I know Ash is home so he will be waking drew up.

I was happily moving around kitchen while humming and dancing too engrossed in moving my butt that I jumped quiet high after hearing a giggle and a chuckling adult voice.
When I turned I see two amused faces and drew was trying to imitate my moves and laughing with it.

I mean he is looking adorable doing that .

"Come here drew , tickle monster is gonna get you" I told him in a teasing voice.

He squeals a "no" and hides behind his daddy saying "save me daddy" while shreking and squealing .

I went to him wiggling my fingers and he went into fits of giggles

That is how we Spend the whole day gigling having fun running around roaming around the house having the time of our life.

I know its not much but I am busy these past few days ....

Thanks my lovelies for making 1000 reads . I have no idea that its going to get that much reads......

I hope you are liking the story so far....

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