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I look at Drew adoringly as he sits there showing us his adorable and proud smile I can't help but smile at him myself and could not help but think what it would be in the future around this household and will i be there in it or I would be forgotten once i would leave this house hold.

But I do not want to dwell further on the future because I  very well know I would be in hysterics thinking of the future which if Toby would be here he would definitely kick my ass for thinking like that and along of my past where I was bullied in my high school years where I was nothing but a mere nerd in the crowd of queen bees, jocks, regular crowd and according to the lowest of the lows which we are considered as . We were not much in the as well only few where people would often pick on us it was nothing much just getting shoved here and there in the lockers getting smoothies dunked on and often the reason of their fu***d up entertainment.

I didn't realised I was crying untill two pair of hands ones small,soft and others large and much more calloused but soft nonetheless. They were both looking at me with worried gazes . I tried smiling but I am sure that was more of grimance by worried gazes of both the men who are of extreme importance for me .

"mama don't cly", said a small voice.

Rather than replying I was shocked and by the looks of it same as for Ash as he also stood as still as ice statue beside drew. "What did you say Drew?"was my only reply or was it a question.

"Mama mama mama" he keeps on chanting the same thing and I look at Ash's bewildered gaze.

As I was just going to reply to Drew the doorbell rang and I ran and openend the door and there stood a very beautiful lady with hazel eyes and light brown hairs in a very good updo along with wearing a really short black dress. Everything about her just screamed posh which I am very sure I am anything but wearing dark blue jeans with a tank top.

"Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house ?" were her only question..

Dun Dun a cliff hanger, Who do you guys think have arrived obviously a little drama is in order for the book to be complete don't you guys think...

lemme know about you guys thoughts whether you guys are liking the story so far.

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