Chapter 4

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After Ashton left for his office me and Drew started playing with his legos and toy trucks and after some playing and his running around in the whole dinning room , den , and in the backyard as well I took him in his room for a much needed bath and let him play with his bath toys while I was cleaning him .

I dressed him in black shorts with a white tshirt along with a jacket and a black kids size nike .

I took him with me to my room and changed in a black dress with a black flats and my purse as well as Ashton's diaper bag and took his hand in my hand and locked the gate on our way out.

I placed him in the car seat and give him his toys for him to play and I sat in the drivers seat and asked him " Are you ready to go to daddy's office buddy?"
"Vroom vroom tina " and after that he said "zooooommmm" and started clapping his hand enthusiastically .

When we reached the building there's a big sign saying "Knight's Tower"

We reached inside by holding his hand and we reach for Andrew's private elevator where Ashton said he wants to press the button so I carry him in my arms and let him press the 37th floor button .

And after that he started giggling as I was ticking him on his belly and thats when we did not realised that the door to the elevator is open and everyone is looking at us with amusing eyes.

I quickly picked Drew's diaper bag and carried him to Ashton's personal assistant desk and carried him inside his office .

When Drew saw his father he started squirming in my arms so I put him down and after that he ran full force to Ashtonwho was on his knees already .

Drew hid his face in Ashton's neck and immediately started playing with his hair and babbling to him about his day.

I was standing there and looking forward to the beautiful scene that was unfolding there and holding back myself from awwwwwing at them .

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