Chapter 1

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Walking in the busy roads of new York is not easy as this was the peak time for newyork traffic as i was placing my resumes for all the shops where there is a sign called help wanted . Yes , you heard me right that I am giving my resumes as I was looking for job not going for college like any other students who have graduated feom high school one week before with straight A's as I dont have the resources needed for attending college.
I stop at the newspaper stand and paid the person for the newyork times and start looking for some more options .
As I was browsing through the various jobs I saw the one that is too good to be true. Its a job for the nanny position for a person who needed a nanny for his baby boy. And did I forgot to mention that I am very good with kids. As I have two younger siblings and i have also babysat for some of my neighbour kids .

Ohh you must be wondering who I am boring you about what I am looking for but not telling you that who I am right . Oops so rude of me .

I am Tina white a 18 year old girl who is looking for a job so that she can work her way through the ladder and later on maybe can go to college as well to complete her studies.

So back to the paper it has a number as well so might as well call the person too . As I was calling the guy I went for Starbucks so that I can intake my daily caffeine.
"Hello" came the reply from the other side of the phone.
"Hi, this is Tina white actually I have seen your ad for a nanny and was thinking where I can come for the interview" was my reply.
"Ahh yes, this is Ashton knight and the you have to come at the same address mention on the ad and please carry a copy of your resume."
Was his reply.
"Sure Mr. Knight I will be there around 1 and I will carry my resume with me ."
After the phone conversation I start walking to the direction where his house was.
After some time I reach at the property where I would be working if hopefully I got the job. I ring the bell and a man dressed in black three piece suit opened the door and ushered me to come in the dinning room .
"Hi , I am Ashton knight and you must be Tina   
White " said holding his right hand for me to shake .
"Yeah , I am here for a nanny position "
"So have you any experience prior to this . "
"I have worked as a barista in Starbucks as my part time job and I have also babysat for some kids" was my reply.
"You know this that you have to live here as I am a busisnessman and have to go out of town and sometimes out of country ."
I was surprised to say the least as I haven't noticed in the ad but that is not going to stop me.
"Yes I know that"
"Very well then Tina " before he can continue a blur of brown hair ran straight for him and is looking at me quietly in curosity as if searching for something and then came to me.
"Hi I am Andew nigt and I am three " holding his four fingers and saying adorably in his baby voice.
"Hi Andrew my name is Tina and look how bug you are right little man"
He then turned to his father before grinning at me said that " see daddy Tina thinks i am big and I like her can she be my nanny ".
" Looks like you have your nanny buddy " while looking at me and then he told me to that I can move in this weekend and I will mostly get Sunday off ." Which is ok with me and I can use all facility of the house.
"So Tina we will see you tomorrow then" and then ashton runs to me hugged me and said "she u tommollow Tina ."
This is for the first chapter and tell me about your views about me .
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