Part 15

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I know people I have not updated quite lately and for that sincere apologies... Don't hunt me down for killing me this early...... i am very young to die this early my bubblies...

Please spare my life people and now on with the story as I have left it at a very hanging cliffhanger...

I just stood there astonished and thinking what to do and i can't help but think that I am looking very presentable in front of the women standing in front of me in jeans and a tank top along with a messy bun on top of my head and makeup free as well.

I could not help but feel self concious by just standing in front of who i think is drew's mother looking every bit of a diva in her revealing outfit which i am quite sure that she has worn this especially so that she can seduce Ash which I am not sure how I feel but it sure leave a bad taste in my mouth and to think this is wat jealousy feels like ..

I have no idea how long i was standing there when I feel a preence behind me and a tug on my jeans from drew who is making grabby hands at me so that I will pick him up..

'Mama" was all he said; as I bend down to pick him in my arms,  once in my arms he started playing with my hairs....

"Victoria" said an angry voice from behind me ... when i turned to Ash he is fuming in anger i just put my hand on his shoulder to calm him down so that he would not scare Drew...

"Ashton ... i missed you so much darling how are you?" asked victoria in what she thought is a seductive but in turn is sounding like a dying cat which caused me to chuckle at my own thoughts..

"Victoria just fu***** get out of my sight and don't pretend to care as i know what you want is my  money nothing more that was the reason you fucked everything that can move so that you can enjoy with your life style ...." he was still going to continue his rant when I stopped him from saying more .

"Ash "I exclaimed in which when he gazed at me I told him " stop using harsh words in front of Drew , you know how sensitive Drew is"   

  "Sorry sweetheart I forgot , I have told you right how this women brings the worst in me .." said Ash

"Its ok darling , don't worry baby I will handle victoria " I handed Drew to Ash and then continue to stare at victoria who was taking turns glaring at me and Ash.

"Ash I want to get to know Andrew" exclaimed Victoria

Before Ash could say anything I hold his hand and gave him a look in which he just stood there and let me handle my battle..

'At first Victoria he is my son not yours,  you lost that right when You walked out of his life now all which is left are ashes for you .. So i suggest that you move on from your life and do not come back to disturb our life. "

She just scwoled at me and left but her expressions told me that it is far from over ...

I just sighed and went inside and continue to see what was happening inside the house in a matter of 10 minutes which is exactly how much it took for me to complete my chat with Victoria the bitch..

I know people it is not much  but i am trying my best to balance everything . I am ill from the past 2 months so please understand

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