Chapter 16

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There was some sort of tension and not the sexual one in the atmosphere after Victoria left but obviously my Drew was absolutely oblivious to that fact and enjoying his toys . I and Ash were just sitting and looking to our baby boy having fun but we both know that we are far from the room in each of our minds.

Drew came to me saying "Mama... Mama....." all the while lifting his hands in a way that he wants me to carry him .

" is my little prince wants to be held ??" was all I said.

"Uh huh" was all he said .

When i carried him, he turned to his dad as well " dada" attracting his attention.

"Yes Drew" asked Ash .
" i no like vick vick  i like momny i wAnnna be the with mommy " was all he said reverting his attention to my hairs leaving us all but speechless.

"I wuv u mommy i wuv u daddy" said Drew

Changing the tension atmosphere in his all but adorable way.

We were all big smiles instead of the tension which was present at first there .

"I love you baby " was all Ash said changing my mood to a total 180

" I love you too honey " never in a million years I thought that this will be my life in a near future  or ever really .

I did not realized  that I was crying until  small hands wiped the tears from my eyes saying " No cwying mommy, I no wike when you cry".

"I all but smiled through my tears through my tears saying " they are happy tears baby "

Drew said nothing just tilting his neck and scrunching his nose in confusion making Ashton and I burst in laughter at his cute confused face ,which I might add is the epitome of adorable.

But what can I say maybe I am just biased of my little prince but ohh his cute dimples ... who will think him of anything but adorable...

He continued twirling a strand of  my hairs looking fascinating with them and then creating a moustache of it and saying animately " now i wook wike daddy, mommy" and i just laughed at his cute face giving him a cross eyed making him laugh hysterically at that ,,.

We all are happy for now in our own world but what the future enfolds i will never know but we can cross our fingers and pray to god gor the happiness of ourselves and our loved ones .....

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