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I was embarrassed to say the least but I guess mortified would be the more apparent word. I was trying very desperately to cover my legs but that was not happening and when I watched Ashton looking at me with a mischievious glint in his eyes along with amusement I knew that I was done for.

"w-what a-are you doing here" , I stammer out mortified.

" I was looking for you as Andrew was asking for you and it is dinner time so I wanted to ask what you wanted to eat as I was going to order", he replied by rubbing his neck which I noticed he does whenever he is nervous.

" Oh ! ok I am down for anything and I will be just coming downstairs for Andrew just give me some time for changing" I informed him.

I watched his adam apple bob as he was looking at me , after some time he said " ok see you just now" and "I am thinking of ordering chinese "

"Are you ok with chicken dumplings along with soup and noodles and meat balls?" he asked

I said "Hell yeah !" as I am actually starving which I have not noticed untill now.

"So" he cleared his throat once again and I know he is having trouble controlling his breathing and went out of my room without a backward glance.

Once I have changed , I have went downstairs in the living room by the sounds of it both father and son were having the time of their lives guessing by the sounds of Andrew's giggling along with Ashton's booming laughter.

And the scene which is playing in front of me is heart warming.

Andrew is in Ashton's arm giggling as he was tickling him continously.

I went and sit on the couch watching this sweet scene unfolding and I cant help but think how Ashton will look like holding our baby and playing and laughing with him/ her.

i chastised myself for even thinking Ashton more than an employer, I have to reemind me continuosly that he is nothing more then employer to me but even I know that how much infutile this is . I know that Ashton has become more than my employer in such a little time for me.

I can't help but remmember the late nights we spend with each other and talking our hearts out baout our past ,our future and I guess something in between. I was so angry that I have still no idea about till now when he explained how his ex-wife treated him along with Andrew whom is nothing but a infant back in that day .

She treated him without the care and even brought drunk men carelessly in there house and sometimes even let them fuck her in front of the baby who was nothing but crying his eyes out for his mother.

she would some times manhandle the baby whenever she feels like when he had enough of her , Ashton kicked her out just like that and when he take a look at me and saw how worked up I was  after hearing this and thinking about baby Andrew he took me in his arms and said sweet nothings in myt ear to help me settle while murmuring that Andrew is alright that he is happy now and things like that.

I have also met Ashton's friends which are Jack his wife Sandra along with their daughter Christy who is the epitome of cuteness , along with Brody his girlfriend Ana , and the last but not the least Alex who I might add is very flirty but I know he is harmless.

And I told them about  Todd who I also mengtioned that he is very much gay but I don't know that only I have noticed this but Alex perked at the knowledge of Toby being gay.

So when Alex came in the kitchen to help me carry the food as Ashton was taking care of Andrew, so I asked hi, "are you by any chance gay, Alex?"

He got tensed but then answered a small "yes" while lookimg at his hands. I just hugged him and told him I love my friends and I have already considered him as one and I can't help but asked him "Are you single Alex." 

At first he blushed then mentioned a very meek "yes" and I told him that "I am so going to set him up with Toby."   

I pulled him in a hug yet again when he was blushing but then again he scowled at me when I said how cute he is loking like that."

And I can't help but remember those happy memories  by looking at the scene being unfold.

Sorrry , people for the long wait and I am sorry as I haven't updated  early  but I will try and update really early and very fast and thankyou for the views and votes as well.

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