Chapter 2

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Next morning, I woke up early so that I can reach there on time . Exited to meet Ashton and Andrew I completed my morning routine as fast as possible which is a record for me too .

I cant wait to be there so i thought myself of a quick breakfast which is a granola bar and went to my car to start the drive.

When I reach there Ms. Smith opened the door with a smile and ushered me in . Ms. Smith is the housekeeper for Andrew comes to the house for cleaning and maintains the house as tidy as humanly possible .

I rushed to Andrew's room so that Ashton can sleep in for more before he had to go to office. I know it sound weird but I am thinking if this place as my home.

I reach Andrew room and shake him to wake up "Wake up Andrew"
And he opened his cute blue eyes and said in his adorable baby voice " Good molning "
I picked him and changed his diaper and dressed him in a cute baby bear outfit and make our way to the kitchen .
"what do you want to eat baby " I asked him .
He replied with " I want pancakes and sylup"
So I started making pancakes and when I turned from the stove I saw a sight which sent me to oblivion.

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