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I did not remember last time how much I enjoyed this much as I was thinking it was never and to think of I have this much fun with a toddler and his daddy is just the icing on the cake .

As I was lost in my day dream I had not heard the volume of my cell phone .

Hello as I was going to continue a voice on the other line interrupted me causing me to wince at the high pitch

Don't just hello me bitch . Where the fuck were you to just vanish from the face of the earth like a rat who just hides in a whole with a bread it stoles.

And I was trying to control my amusement and my laughter but against my better judgement I laughed and laughed like hell and I could not breath because that is who my best friend Todd Dauglas is .

No matter how angry he is, he always makes me laugh.

And to return on the condition on hand as Todd was yelling at me like that

I don't know what he is upto and why he is yelling like that " do u have any idea what I was asking you for the past 10 minutes ??"

But I was like "uh -oh nope " I could practically hear him rolling his hazel eyes at my words

"We were so damn worried about you Tina why were you not picking up your phone for the past two weeks ?"

"Sorry ,I was just busy with everything"

"Yeah yeah I know you "said Todd . "So tell me about your boy toy . Come on tell daddy what are you upto ?"

" Todd he is not my boy toy he is my employer not anyone else"

I could practically hear the eye rolling from him

And with that we dive into our chat for god knows what time and for god knows how long but we were both laughing in the end.

And that's how my friends Ashton saw me lying in nothing but a tshirt and panties and laughing like a dying hyena.

Sorry for the long wait up guys .

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