Chapter 23

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"We should go to the movies tonight," Jai suggests as we leave the dining hall. "It's five dollar Tuesday."

"What would we even see?" I ask him. I seriously haven't been paying much attention to what's out in theaters.

"Does it matter? It's a movie for five dollars." He laughs at my question as if it was a ridiculous thing for me to be asking about.

"Okay, well I'm in." I nod with a smirk.

"Me too," Imani agrees. "As long as Jai buys us nachos."

"I second that!" I nod eagerly.

"Uh, I think not!" He scoffs and shakes his head. He looks at the two of us as if we are out of our minds.

"Come on, Jai Jai!" Imani latches on to his arm. "It's the end of the semester. Does us all a favor."

"Ever heard of being a broke college student?"

"We're all broke college students."

"Okay, so you should understand why I'm saying no." He says to her with an eye roll.

Imani let's go of him and moves close to me and whispers to me. "We'll see about that."

"I heard that." He says and I giggle.

As the three of us make our way towards the library, I see the whole lacrosse squad walking together. They were all laughing and talking about something that I wasn't close enough to hear. I see Nick first since he is in the front, laughing with one of his suitemates. I see Hunter more towards the back. He was laughing and staring at the ground. I could see that he was talking to Benny and my heart began to ache.

I would give anything to go over there and just embrace him. I can feel the gravitational pull in my body, telling me to go over to him, but I can't. Ugh, why does this have to be so hard? Why did I have to ruin things with him? I just want him back.

It's as if he feels eyes on him and looks up. It takes him a second to find me, but his gaze eventually meets mine. I can't help the small smile that creeps onto my face and my body fills with joy when he smiles back. This moment is so odd between us. Usually any other time we break up we avoid seeing each other at all times, but this was different.

I didn't want to avoid Hunter and I would like to think he feels the same about me.

He gives me a small wave and before I can wave back, I feel someone tugging on my arm and pulling me. I look over and see Jai and Imani dragging me away from Hunter and the rest of his team. My eyebrows furrow in confusion and I try to get them to stop moving but they don't.

"Abort mission! Abort mission!" Jai exclaims as they continue to drag me towards the library.

"What are you guys doing?" I yell at the two of them. My eyes get a quick glance at the lacrosse team and they are looking at Jai, Imani, and I as if we are crazy. And I'm sure to any bystander it seems that way because I feel the exact same way.

"Saving you from embarrassment." He tells me.

"Embarrassment?" I am confused by his words.

"Running into your ex in public while they are with their friends is always embarrassing," He says. "Trust me...been there, hated it."

"Well with the way you two dragged me away and yelled 'abort mission', who wouldn't be embarrassed?" I ask with a frown.

"Trust me; we're doing you a favor." He says.

I look back at the group of boys, and all of their backs are now facing us. They aren't worried about us anymore. I make an inaudible sigh and just continue making my way to the library. I guess it was a good thing that I got away because if someone like Benny, for example, would have seen me, no doubt would it have been awkward.

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