Chapter 5

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"There will be a short quiz next Wednesday on chapters one and two so you all may want to study." My history professor announces once he is finished with today's lesson.

Everyone proceeds to gather their belongings and head out. Today was Friday and the class was buzzing of excitement of having the next two days free of classes. Week two of classes has officially ended. These last two weeks have been a little rough for me but somehow I am still managing. And since this is my last class of the day, I was so excited to be spending the weekend catching up on some sleep.


I stop dead in my tracks and turn around to see the boy who bothered me on the first day. I don't remember his name and find myself trying to back track. But it's been two weeks and I haven't been worried about him at all.

"Yeah?" I reply.

"Ahmon, remember?" He smiles.

Oh right. That's his name.

"I remember." I nod.

"I've been meaning to speak to you, but never got a chance." He explains.

"About what?"

"Well I see you moved your seat."

"Yes I did," I nod. "You're very observant."

"I know," He laughs and scratches his head awkwardly. "Anyways, it's been hard to catch you after class but I finally did. I just wanted to apologize."

"Apologize for what?" My eyebrows furrow.

"We got off on the wrong foot the last time we spoke and then you just rushed away." He explains.

"Oh, right." I huff and look down at my feet.

"But trust me; I'm not a bad guy if you give me a chance."

"Ahmon, I'm sure you really are a great person, but..."

"But?" He urges.

"I have a boyfriend."

I see the shock on his face before he is able to compose himself. He tries to put on a poker face as he nods his head understandingly and it almost makes me laugh. But I don't because it's rude.

"That's okay. I was only talking about being friends, anyways." Ahmon tells me.

"Oh, okay."

"So is that cool with you? It's okay to say no, by the way."

I think about what Hunter said the first day of classes. I can't just assume that every guy is going to be like Matt. Sure I could learn to be acquaintances with Ahmon, but I just hope it doesn't backfire. At least this time around I'll know my limits.

"Yeah, it's cool," I nod. "But I gotta get going so I'll see you around."

"Oh yeah, okay. Enjoy your weekend."

"Thanks. You, too." I give him a small smile before turning away to exit the classroom.

"Oh, and Asia?"

I stop and turn slightly.

"In case you decide to go to any of the parties tonight...beware of the jungle juice." Ahmon tells me.

"Trust me; you'll never see me drinking it at any party." I say, which causes him to smile. I hear a lot about the infamous "jungle juice" and how a lot of people put drugs in them. No thank you.

I head to my dorm so that I can drop off my things and head to lunch with Hunter. We barely have had time to eat together because he's always busy with sports. So it usually results in me eating alone since I have made zero friends. Bella does try to invite me, but her friend group is growing and my anxiety holds me back a lot. I know it sounds stupid but it's the truth. And I don't feel pressured to become friends with everyone.

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