Chapter 7

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"Are you still going to walk me to the library?" Imani asks as we walk towards the exit of the dining hall.

"Yes, I told you I would." I nod.

"I'm so annoyed with Jai," Imani mutters. "I told him not to go out last night with that sketchy guy. He skipped all of his classes today and is still in bed."

"It's 4 in the afternoon, are you serious?" My mouth parts in shock.

"Yes! I would have gone over there instead, but I have a test on Monday so I need to study a little."

"Where did he go last night?"

"Remember that guy he was making out with last week at the bar?"

I think back and remember the image of Jai swapping spit with some random guy and nod once. "I remember."

"Well I guess they've been talking this week and he invited Jai to a party last night."

"He went to a party on a Thursday night?"

"Yup. So now he's hungover and doesn't even remember most of the night or how he even got to his room."

"Oh no, that's scary!" I gasp and cover my mouth. The last time that happened to me I didn't wake up in my room and I got more than just a hangover...

"He knows he isn't supposed to do that...especially if I'm not there with him. Plus, he was with complete strangers. I mean who even drinks like that around people you don't know?" I can hear the anger and frustration in Imani's voice.

"What if they did something to his drink and that's why he can't remember?" I ask worriedly.

"Well I guess we'll never know." Imani mumbles.

"It happens a lot more than people think. And it's usually the people we know or trust who end up doing it to us." I try to stop talking because it will do me no good. No one was supposed to know about my past, but hearing how irresponsible Jai was being last night scares me. And even though he is a male, what happened to me could surely happen to him given the right circumstances.

"Well someone's educated on date rape drugs." Imani laughs as if it's a joke.

"Everyone should be. They're really scary, Imani."

"Have you ever been roofied or are you just worried—"

"What? No I haven't," I lie and quickly shake my head. "I just read about them before coming here and...I just think we should be aware."

"Fair enough." She shrugs.

Funny how no one really cares much about date rape drugs until it happens to them.

I lie to Imani because it is not something I want to share. I do not like that it happened to me and thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. I know that I can't change the past, but I'm just not okay with it at the moment. And until I am, I don't want anyone here to know about it.

"Well...I'll let you get to studying." I say as I stare at the library building.

We say our goodbyes and I head back to my dorm. I was really excited because today was the first day I was going to see Cora and Cheyenne's faces since I've been away at school. Of course they aren't here at my school, but Skype is okay for now. The room is empty as usual when I arrive, just the way I prefer it to be. Not that I don't like Bella because I do, but I'm so used to spending time alone in here that I've grown to like it better this way.

I receive a text from Cheyenne telling me that they're both on. I rush to my desk and open my laptop. It takes a little while to start up but I was excited to finally video chat them. I anxiously wait for her to answer my call and my face grows so happy that my cheeks begin to ache when I see them.

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