Chapter 16

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"Thanks for giving us a ride, Jai." I say to him as we reach the airport.

"Yeah, thanks a lot. Do you want money?" Hunter asks him.

"Nah, you're good." Jai shakes his head.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, man. What do I look like, a taxi driver?" Jai asks, causing me to giggle. "It's cool, Hunter. Have a safe flight."

"Thank you," I reach over to hug him tight. "Enjoy your holiday."

"You, too. Don't forget to call me."

"We'll Skype tonight when I'm home." I smile.

"Okay." He smiles and pinches my cheek making me laugh and shy away.

I get out of the car and go to the trunk to help Nick and Hunter get our bags. It was finally time to go home! I was so excited to be going home and I just could not wait. Technically break doesn't start until Wednesday, but we decided to leave two days earlier just because our classes didn't have anything important going on and because we wanted a longer break. So after today's classes, the three of us were finally going home.

After we get our luggage, I say good bye to Jai once more and we head inside the airport so that we can check-in. The airport is filled with people for the holiday season so it takes a while for us to finally check-in and go through security. Our flight is scheduled for 4:30 and since the flight is only an hour and some change, I was looking forward to the ride. I call my mother to let her know that I am about to board and I will let her know when I have landed.

When our flight is called and we get on the plane, Nick and Hunter settle on putting me in the middle seat because I am the smallest.

"Our first plane ride together!" Nick exclaims and he leans onto me so that I am squished between him and Hunter.

"Get off!" I try to shove Nick off of me, but I pushed a little too hard because he pushes into a little girl walking down the aisle. Nick apologizes to the little girl and gets an angry glare from her mother as Hunter and I stare with our mouths in the shape of an O.

"Not cool!" Nick says as he shoves me back into Hunter.

"I'm sorry!" I exclaim before I burst out laughing.

"Nick, if looks could kill, I think that woman would've killed you." Hunter says before he joins me in my laughter.

"Yeah, I would've been a goner." He says before we all laugh in unison. 

We quiet down once the pilot begins to speak on the loudspeaker and the flight attendants begin to instruct us to put on our seat belts and where everything was located. Soon after, it doesn't take long for us to take off. The three of us chat for a little while before we all seem to get comfortable enough to doze off.

In the beginning, it was extremely hard for me to fall asleep because both Hunter and Nick rested their heads on my shoulders, not giving me any type of space to get comfortable. So when I woke them both up, we ended up rearranging our positions. We then looked like dominos, where Nick rested on me and I rested on Hunter, who rested against the window. The three of us remain like this for basically the whole duration of the trip, in a comfortable slumber.


"Hunter, Asia, Nick! Hi! It's been so long!" Patricia, Hunter's mother, exclaims as we walk towards her after claiming our luggage. She scoops her son up into a tight hug before she gives Nick and I a brief hug.

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