Chapter 6

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— – - 2 Weeks Later - – —

"Are you sure everything is okay?" My mother asks for what seems like the billionth time.

"Yes, I'm okay."

"Have you been taking your medication?"

"Geesh, way to make me sound like I'm unstable." I mutter.

"Ace, you know I don't mean it that way." She says. "I just don't want you to—"

"Get too overwhelmed. I know, I know." I finish her sentence. "But really, I'm okay."

"Okay," She finally gives up. "How do you like the school?"

"It's okay."

"Okay has been your answer for the past six weeks. When are you going to give me a real answer?"

"When I have a real answer." I reply.

"It's okay to admit if you don't like the school. No one is going to be angry."

"Mom, don't."

"What? I'm just saying."

"I just need to get used to it."

"Okay." Her tone is mocking and it makes me angry.

"How's everything at home?" I try to change the subject.

"Everything is good. Last night we had a family game night and we invited Ashley's family over and a few coworkers."

"Oh yeah? I didn't know we were allowed to invite others over for family night."

"Oh stop it, Ace. It's fun when everyone comes over and gets along."

"Mmm. How'd it go?"

"It was hilarious! We played charades and it had to be one of the best family game nights yet." I can hear the happiness in her voice and it causes a pain in my chest.

"That's nice." I say.

I can't help but grow sad at the thought. Thursday's had become a night where we as a family spent time bonding together. Now that I was at school I missed out on a lot of family nights. And before, my parents never wanted anyone else to join if I ever asked for Hunter or my friends to come. But hearing that Ashley and her family, along with my parent's coworkers came, it kind of strikes a feeling inside. And to hear the happiness in my mother's voice makes me want nothing more but to go home and be with them.

"Next time we have a family night you can invite whoever you want, okay? No need to be so bratty." Mom tells me.

"I'm not being bratty. I just wish I was there for it."

"It's okay. You're a college girl now. You probably have better things to do on a Thursday night than to play charades."

Sure do...not.

"Uh Mom, I forgot I have to meet with my friends for dinner. I'll call you tomorrow, okay?" I lie.

"Okay, honey. I have to get going soon now anyways."

"What are you doing tonight?" I question.

"Oh, your dad decided to be nice and take your brother, Ashley, and I out to that restaurant where you eat and then play those arcade games."

"No way," My mouth hangs open. "That sounds like fun."

"Yeah. We'll talk tomorrow, honey bun. I love you and be safe."

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