ticked off menma and raging uchiha

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Sasuke's POV

Waking early in the morning like usual as I looked at the small kitsune that laid sleep in bed this caused me to smile alittle I love him so much.

There was soon a knock on my room door as I opened it to see my older brother Itachi "something you need" I asked as he shook his head and looked in my room as Naruto as he softly nodded his head, "just checking to see if everything alright" Itachi says before ruffling my bed-head and left while I just glared at him from behind.

I know I just know he knows I'm glaring at him from behind and I can freaking tell he was smirking at me cause when he turned into the living rom he freaking had that smirk still plastered on his face oh he gets on my nerves sometimes, soon I head a small squeak from behind me so I turned around to see my little fox boy just now waking up as he was rubbing his eyes and let out a small yawn which was adorable 'stop it Sasuke your losing to his cuteness be   strong'  I thought to myself  while walking over to Naruto, who crawled to the end of the bed side and raised his arms up in the air for me to pick up his tiny self which I did while holding him he purred softly while i walked out of my room to the kitchen were Itachi was making breakfast for the morning to start to day.

"HI Naruto" itachi says petting my naruto without my permission as I growled at him while Naruto patted my head softly "its ok" Naruto squeaked softly as he smiled.

Time skip brought to you by kittens meow~

Sakura ran over to Sasuke because :

1. she saw him


2. she saw little naruto

So she was excited to hug them both until she met face to face with the floor as Sasuke kept walking not even sparing a single glace "hey Sasuke" someone yelled as the uchiha turned around to see his brother and Menma "hey guys" Sasuke says.

While holding Naruto in his arms though the blond fox didn't mind he actually enjoyed the warmth of Sasuke he never wanted to leave this uchiha's side no matter what he felt really happy as the Kitsune snuggled into, Sasuke more letting out a soft purr "He seems more attached to you with each day Sasuke" the Uchiha's twin brother teased "oh shut up Sasukie the same goes for you and Menma you little boyfriend doesn't seem so relaxed as you think he is" Sasuke says, his brother crossed his arms "s-so I'm ok with that" Sasukie says looking away "Sasukie-kun" someone yelled while Menma picked up his boyfriend and moved him while Sasuke just slide to the side letting the blond fly right past them and hit the floor  as the four looked at, the girl on the ground who got up and held her nose "you didn't have to be so mean" Ino says as she looked like she was about to cry though Menma could careless about her "sorry Ino I would of" Sasukie says being the nice guy he is...(sometimes) as he held his hand out for Ino to take which she happily, did  and smiled.

Sasuke rolled his eyes before he just started walking away while Naruto looked up at Sasuke as he tilted his head to side "Sasuke" Naruto started but decided to not even bother as he just smiled.

Once in the classroom Sasuke sat down at his desk than sat naruto down looking at the small kitsune infront of him "sasuke" naruto squeaked as he looked up at the uchiha "ya" sasuke replied, "are you ok" naruto asked sounding, worried "ya im fine just a bit mad" the raven says "oh....ok" naruto says and hugged sasuke softly as footsteps were heard  causing the two to look up to see that it was only menma and Sasukie who had stepped into the class room.

"oh there you are sasuke" sasukie says walking towards his brother "Ive been here the whole time" sasuke says while he staired at his twin brother who walked over and sat down in his chair while Menma sat in his respectful seat, "hey naruto" menma says softly as the small kitsune smiled happily wagging his nine tails until sasuke hide them "hey dobe stay calm or else" the raven says "what ever teme" the blond growled though he pulled his hood up and pouted grumpily only to be, patted on the head causing naruto to purr happily.

Soon the bell ringed

And the students started walking in some wanted to touch naruto only to have there hands slapped away by sasuke and some almost broken by menma who finially decided to be a good brother for once.

Naruto decided to get closer to Sasuke so he wouldnt be messed with  and also he was very tire since not much sleep was given to him cause of a sertain last night's accident that he will not tell anyone about only sasuke knows about, though sasuke promised not to tell anyone and plans to keep it that way.

The students were all loud and doing stupide stuff until two students got into a fight which was slightly getting on menma and sasuke's nerves and being to loud for Naruto who was covering his ears but soon they bumped into Sasuke as he growled stood up and put naruto on men ma's desk "you guys are gonna have a bad time" sasuke growled as he punched both of them into the ground before sitting back down in his chair.

Sasukie sighed "sasuke you didn't need to go that far a simple stop or glare would of also worked" he says looking at his twin brother who rolled his eyes until he saw menma looking for someone "menma were naruto" sasuke asked as the black fox shrugged his shoulders extremely worried.


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